KanVela, Thai chocolate craft, pins a world map, SMEs top up capital for development partners to overcome Covid-19

“KanVela” Thai chocolate crafts pinned to the world map
SME Bank adds capital for development partners to overcome COVID-19

The strong determination of “Thana Kunarakwong” who wants to raise the value of Thai agricultural products, especially “Cocoa”, has become a huge driving force. Create a premium chocolate craft business, the symbol of authentic Thailand, the brand “KanVela” that stands out from the selection of high quality raw materials. Create a taste from Thai culture in an international style perfectly, with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank waiting under its wings. Stepping Through the Covid Situation and move on go further

After the success of the financial business, “Thana Kunarakwong” or “Khun Top”, a young Chiang Mai man thinks that personal success It’s not the final answer. But creating and passing on benefits to others around is more valuable. Therefore, I decided to get up and plant a “cocoa plantation” because I saw problems and opportunities at the same time.

“Currently, cocoa powder is imported from abroad. cheaper than domestic Therefore, buyers do not like to buy cocoa from Thai farmers. but at the same time Chocolate processed from cocoa raw materials It is a product that is popular all over the world. Therefore, if you can create premium Thai chocolate brands Made from cocoa raw materials grown in Thailand. To be accepted at the international level, I believe that it will help upgrade Thailand’s cocoa agro-industry as a whole,” Thana revealed his inspiration for creating the KanVela chocolate craft business.

Mr. TOP has devoted more than 2 years to study and develop chocolate crafts. Focus on the source of cultivation to get the best productivity by investing in building his own agricultural plantation in Chiang Mai and going to educate and support farmers in different areas to grow organic cocoa, including his sister (Niramon Kunarakwong) to help strengthen the army Create a unique chocolate flavor blending Thainess and internationalness together

and to prove that Products that are thought and acted upon. Did you come in the right direction? Including wanting to know the opinions of the directors to bring them back to improve themselves even further. therefore submits the work of kraft chocolate Compete on the global stage

The result was unexpected. “Kan Wila” chocolate won many awards such as 2 bronze medals at the “International Chocolate Awards 2020” stage, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze medals from the stage. “Academy of Chocolate Year 2021” In addition, in the aforementioned stage also received a special award from the jury for outstanding emerging brands.

from the starting point of household production and sell through online When all aspects are ready, including prizes to guarantee quality Mr. Top continues to upgrade the business. Invest on family land near Chiang Mai Airport Opened a chocolate cafe “Kan Wila” in 2020. The interior of the shop is decorated with a beautiful atmosphere, brown tones, warm and inviting to relax. Serving premium quality chocolate crafts. At a price that is easily tangible, about 45 baht per piece. The highlight is made from real natural chocolate ingredients. It has not undergone any chemical flavor modifications, with unique flavors that can only be found here, such as guava, chili, salt, taro tacos and roasted coconut custard, etc. In addition, the patterns are decorated with hand painting. Therefore, the chocolate crafts of “ time”, so every piece is a one-of-a-kind product in the world.

Even with excellent quality products but with external factors The impact of COVID-19 too violent to resist The store cannot open for years. according to the measures to prevent the spread of the government causing the business to lack liquidity But such problems Was relieved when the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank came to help fill the capital. Along with supporting the development Take part in activities such as promoting marketing product development, etc., helping to overcome such situations successfully.

And now, when the situation begins to unravel, the business of “Kan Wila” is moving forward fully. Expanding product lines and various channels, such as bringing chocolate to serve on First Class Airlines, as well as expanding distribution channels through 2 branches, 6 supermarkets and various online platforms.

Mr. Top also stated that the greatest pride of “Kan time” is to pass on benefits to the agricultural sector. Currently, there is a network of cocoa farms with more than 150 households spread in various provinces across the country, who will buy cocoa products at a higher price than the market. To motivate farmers to grow good quality cocoa And when good raw materials are processed into quality chocolate crafts Under the internationally recognized brand, confident that it will add value to raise the level of Thai cocoa. able to successfully put the flag on the world stage

Not only that, my next dream is to create a name for Chiang Mai Province as a landmark for chocolate lovers around the world. attracted to touch Taste Thai Signal Chocolate Ready to buy and stick it back in hand. which will benefit all relevant sectors

“At the beginning, I didn’t intend to make chocolate. I just wanted to do farming, but for the past four years, what I’ve learned and absorbed is what we’re doing. It benefits a lot of other people. We can help them have a better quality of life, have hope, be happy, make their family proud. We brought chocolate from Thailand. to make a name on the international stage Make people at the village level proud and have a career in their hometown When he is proud, happy, he will have the encouragement to develop better raw materials. This is something that I am very happy with,” concluded Thana.

Contact “Kan Vela” (KanVela)
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