Led the Philippine delegation to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market Promoting trade links, matching business, expanding marketing channels to the internet.


Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Senior Executive Vice President acting President with executives and employees Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank and Mr. Somjai Chaikhet, Deputy Director of Chatuchak Weekend Market with a welcoming team Delegation of the Institute of Small Industries University of the Philippines on the occasion of a study visit on the promotion and development of small and medium enterprises in Chatuchak Weekend Market with the delegation visit the shop within Chatuchak Market such as jewelry stores Shop, leather bag, lamp shop, hill tribe bag and hilltribe products etc. to publicize and distribute Thai products to be known overseas.



Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen said that in addition to supporting low-interest funds for SMEs entrepreneurs SME Bank also gives importance to expanding markets for Thai entrepreneurs with potential will encourage business matching with foreign partners to expand the market to export products abroad .The visit of the delegation of the Institute of Small Industry Institute University of the Philippines this time Therefore is a good opportunity for foreigners to see Thai products While talking to Thai entrepreneurs in Chatuchak Market to encourage the exchange of experiences leading to the expansion of trade between the two countries.


For Chatuchak Weekend Market Is important to the Thai economy Especially at the foundation level Because there are more than 11,000 stalls, over 10,000 traders. Almost all of them are small entrepreneurs. And also a retail source of wholesale Linking to many small entrepreneurs throughout the country, the Bank has continued to promote traders in this market continuously such as collaborating with Bangkok as a market executive Elevate the Chatuchak market such as marketing promotion activities Help to promote public relations so that traders in this market can trade Make money for 7 days of the week.




As well as organizing activities to add skills to enhance the ability of traders in the market, such as training to expand online market or e-commerce. For example, Shopee leads the international market such as Hong Kong, China and India as well as developing design and packaging to satisfy the market. In addition, access to government benefits and welfare helping to improve the quality of life Create stability in the profession and reduce the burden on the family.

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