MOI urges the measures to close SMEs weaknesses by pushing 9 measures with capital increase covering all groups.

Ministry of Industry hastens to support the strengthen 9 SMEs measure via 3 funds Approximately 80 Billion Baht by Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) with the announcement of “M SME Development Bank”. The project aims to support retail operators nationwide after super board approved.


    Mr. Somchai Hanirirat, Deputy Minister of Industry, said that the Ministry of Industry is still the main agency in supporting and developing small and medium enterprises. SMEs are aiming to upgrade to the potential 4.0. In 2018, the new 3 loan programs will be financed with total amount of over 78,000 million baht plus 9 measures to promote at the same time. Financial assistance measures will launch in the first quarter of this year were: 1. Local Economy Loan with amount 50,000 million baht 2. Loan for Transformation Loan 20,000 million baht. 3. Micro-SME Rehabilitation and Development Project 8,000 million baht.

นอกจากนี้ ยังมีมาตรการส่งเสริมที่ไม่ใช่ด้านการเงินอีก 9 In addition, There are also 9 other non-financial measures to upgrade Thai SMEs by focusing on Micro-SMEs ,pushing local income to the country. The nine measures : 1. The expansion of 23 ITC centers where will provide central machinery and Co-Working Space to SME for developing new model included in-depth consulting services as well as link to the support network. 2. SME Support & Rescue Center (SSRC) serves as Front Desk Integration Consultants by getting loan application, troubleshoot and forward SME. The center will be set up 270 centers nationwide at the provincial office. Industry Promotion Department of Department of Industrial Promotion, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSS) and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand 3.Train The Coach or Coaching to support 3 SME : 4.0 Biz Transformer to help SMEs adjust the business model. Tech Expert helps introduce the right technology and lay the technology into the 4.0 and Biz Mentor as a consultant to solve general problems. 4.SME Big Data by performing the population of SMEs in the country by analyzing the structure and situation of SMEs through data analytic, the distribution of potential and create channels for SMEs to access public services and networks anytime anywhere. 5. Big Brothers project or project to help brother for connecting SME to the global manufacturing chain. It will work with leading national and global companies and organizations for helping SMEs in the two aspects: business consultant with a link to the world production chain. At The present Big Brothers has been accepted as PTT, DENSO, Delta, Nissan, Honda and Toyota. 6.Digital Value Chain pushes SME to B2B digital platform. It will develop a T-Good Tech web-based system that connects J-Good Tech through the support of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). There will expand the collaboration to many country starting from CLMV country. 7. Strengthen SME’s financial intelligence program for developing financial knowledge both before and after borrowing with single account system.8.SME Standard Up upgrades SME to the right standards by developing specific standards (TIS.S) to suit the level of SMEs and meet the needs of market by starting at tourist product. And 9. Upgrading grass root economy via CIV 4.0 by developing community potential, identify community identities and manage a sustainable development included pushing for agricultural processing. SME agriculture with the goal of raising the economy grass root of the community with the target increasing more than 25% of income


   Mongkol Leeltham, Managing Director of SME Development Bank. The bank ends of recovery plan showing that we have ability and efficiency to drive the economy of the community according to the government policy and to the bank will step forward with strengthen and sustainable. The Cabinet’s resolution on January 19 2018, lending credit maximum amount not exceeding 15 million baht with good quality. At the same time, it was announced as “M SME Development Bank.” The “M” comes from the word “Micro”, indicating its primary mission clearly as a specialized financial institution ,support the group “Micro-SME” or small entrepreneurs in the community. This will benefit to Thai economy, create a career to spread the revenue across the country. The loan package is 70,000 million baht diving to 3 projects:1) Local Economy Loan with 50,000 million baht by helping the tourism business. Community tour And agricultural processing. Loan amount no more than 5 million baht. The first 3 years 3% interest rate per annum , 1- 4 years free TCG guarantee.2) Recovery and Empowerment Program for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with Baht 8,000 million, interest rate of only 1%; and 3) Factoring loan of Baht 12,000 million, lending not over 15 million baht /case with promotion7: 1: 0. The first 7 is ready for credit approval within 7 days, 1 is disbursement within 1 day and 0 is free of charge.  

ขMr.Kobchai Sangkasittisawat ,General Director of Department of Industrial Promotion (MOI) said that in 2018, the Ministry is the main unit to drive all measures for promoting SMEs development. It is an important tool to promote SMEs in the 4.0 era under the concept of 4 TOOLs with 1 Strategy: 1) IT services for the development of information and information systems

2) Automation, production system development for increasing business capabilities. 3) Robot to reduce labor in the production process and. 4) Innovation to promote and develop the innovation also reveals 1 Strategy which will focus on the development of Cluster to strengthen the Thai SMEs. The department continues to promote the development of SMEs and join to drive SMEs more than ever In the past year, the Department has been able to carry out various projects as the target. In terms of creating new entrepreneurs,supporting for more than 12,000 entrepreneure more than 3,000 businesses has been boosted by the economic value to 8,000 million baht. Mr. Suwanchai Lohawattanakul, Director of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion “In the first quarter of 2018, OSMEP will accelerate four key projects: 1) Project to the top SME in the province to step into the 4.0. 2) Sustainable Community Enterprise Network Development Project, 3) Electronic Market Development for SMEs Project, and 4) Product Development Program to enhance the international market. It is expected that at the end of the project 55,642 strong entrepreneurs will be created, generating revenue and value more than 1,500 million baht. In addition, OSMEP will host the program under the special measures to drive the SMEs towards to 4.0 with many projects such as SME Big Data will accelerate the creation of entrepreneurial society through “SMEONE” project, a web portal that brings together all aspects of SME including Train the Coach Project : Accelerator 4.0 program, or a project developed by a coach or business and technology consultant for helping SMEs develop their business to make a change (Transform) in 4.0.
So if SMEs lack of expert to consult ,the business will continue under the original framework. Businesses will lose on new development and become retard, unable to compete in the end. Coaches will be able to help with the fast-changing market environment of the 4.0 era, which will run for three years through the project, “said Suwannachai. Mr.Prapat Panyachartrak. ( Chairman:The National Federation of Farmers Council) said that the Federation of Thai Farmers Federation and the Ministry of Industry and SME Development Bank will raise the economy community as well as coordinating agencies.   To promote farmers all of the country with increasing income and sustainable growth by developing farmers into SMEs, upgrading from traditional farming to knowledge, innovation and technology with productivity improvement and meet the needs of the market. The Ministry of Industry supports knowledge, while the Ministry of Finance completes the funding. SME Development Bank fulfills in funding by piloting at Jae Hom, Lampang which is encouraged to grow bamboo. and it is processed by products such as charcoal. Bamboo uses for industrial. Bamboo furniture and home from the bamboo, etc. Such ideas will expand throughout the country. It is expected that there will be SMEs in the agricultural sector covering every district nationwide.


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