“ Mom Tanad Dak Eim Ping Tak upgrade Thai Rice Curry to the world

Rice and Curry House Thai people will have to become a menu that the world to give a delicious taste. 5 star hotel with cleanliness

This is the concept behind opening a restaurant. The “Koa Klang Thanat Dak ” of Chingchai  Sahatsawat  or the common man known online in the name of ” Mom Thanat Dak”




As a foodie. And avid travelers. You always want to taste delicious food from all over the country. The program is an introduction to food and restaurants published on YouTube (“YouTube”). Include food reviews. Purpose is made just for fun. I want to keep a record of memories.

 When asked about the origin of the name. “Mom, Daddy, Daddy,” he recounts, one of life’s more than 20 years ago, a taxi driver. There is a passenger who comes to the service. And talk to each other happily. Play a pearl named from “Mom is a good mother” as “Mom, Daddy,” creating laughter. And impressed in this Pearl. It is used as a guide to your own food.




That’s the way to proceed. It’s brutal. Delicious food Tell me honestly, there is no pretense. To advertise to make the list of “Mom’s dagger” hit the audience has more followers. The podium is an online hit.


From the popular online food tasting menu, you can create your own restaurant. “Cooked rice” is the reason to choose the menu “rice” because it is familiar to Thai people. All ages are favorite. And eat every meal. The creation is special. Presenting rice in a new look. Use only the finest ingredients at the same level as foreign food. The 5-star hotel’s standard-scale cooking process, every step of the way, uses a weigh-in-measure method to make every dish taste the same.



He recalls that various recipes. Taken from the mother. And study by yourself. The taste is sure. Anyone who has eaten is enthralled. There are menus such as fried rice, fried squid, fried squid, salted fish, shrimp, salmon, etc.and also invented new Thai dishes such as boiled fresh rambutan. Bring the pork chopped into lumps, mix with fermented vermicelli. In the soup with spicy pepper


“Khoa Kanf Thanat Dak”, the first branch in Krungthep Kreetha district, about 2 years ago, under the slogan ” High quality and cleanliness. Coupled with their own public relations channels. making this shop It is a widely spread vow. Push the store to success. Up until now Expanded to 5 branches


Khun Sek revealed that another of the challenges facing the restaurant business is the need to change the mind and image of consumers to accept and appreciate the Thai food. Can be raised at a reasonable price. It uses the best quality raw materials. The production process is all grade. Even washing dishes. Also use the standard washing machine as a 5 star hotel.




When we go to eat Japanese food, European food or Thai food sold abroad. It is a good price but it is a rice. Back to top Which, when considered in detail. I see that cooking process is difficult, so I want to show that model. Thai food made with the best quality. Can raise prices. Which I believe will be a sustainable approach. Better off the cost. The raw materials are not good. I will sell it. Eventually it will make the food not delicious. The reputation and value of Thai food.


Another specialty of this restaurant is the management of the restaurant business. For example, use a software system to store the menu items sold. To order raw materials each day is appropriate. Minimize the amount of raw materials and equipment to alert customers when the food is ready.


Future Business Plan Will create a new kitchen. And expand the branch. SME Development Bank has been using the services of other financial supporters. The bank will cooperate with Khao Kang Tanat Dak. In supporting other restaurant operators around the country, the importance of improving quality. Promote Thai food on the world’s most famous menu.



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