“Mongkol summarizes the results of operations leading SME D Bank to take on the role of financial institutions for small people. Forward the service mission to the local area anytime, anywhere, bringing Thai entrepreneurs to success.


“Mongkol” revealed the results of operations in the Boathouse position since 2015, supporting SMEs up to 5.2 billion funding sources, with a budget of 1.44 billion baht, maintaining employment of 5.2 hundred thousand people, taking the organization to take a role as a financial institution to look after people. small body Directing services through 3 fill-ups including skills-filling, capital-filling quality of life Double raise the organization level Modern, convenient and fast service to cover all areas of the country 24 hours a day. The success of entrepreneurs is the success of SME D Bank.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank said at the event “Story from the heart of the next step of SME D Bank” to summarize the performance in the position of Managing Director. Which will complete the term on March 8, 2019, that the situation before taking office The bank has no debt resulting in income of 3.7 billion baht or about 40% in the middle of 2014. SME Bank enters the rehabilitation process. Which is due to the co-operation of the executives, employees and related parties Help improve various work systems To solve problems in the past And create sustainability in the future, such as creating a balance of power of the credit process Risk management system Promote moral organization Reduction of new credit limit not exceeding 15 million baht per case And seize the role of being a bank for development, providing clear knowledge of capital, etc., resulting in improved operational results, respectively, until January 19, 2018. State Enterprise Policy Committee (Ror.) Or Super Board resolved Let SME Bank be the first agency to exit the rehabilitation plan.

As a result of the improvement of the work from the beginning of 2015 to January 2019, the Bank has been able to provide over 5.2 billion loan disbursements to entrepreneurs, with a total amount of over 1.44 billion baht. Create more than 1 thousand new entrepreneurs, resulting in working capital in the economy of more than 7.2 billion baht, creating an economic value of 2.5 billion baht and having no debt to cause Only 3.6% of new loans, only 17,666 in the year 2018, in the amount of 36,714 million baht. In addition, the Bank organized activities to increase knowledge and enhance marketing for customers such as seminars. Knowledge of more than 540 times with more than 2.4 thousand participants, bringing more than 1,500 entrepreneurs to sell more than 100 booths, generating more than 225 million baht, helping to promote marketing The media, more than 290 cases worth 18.5 million baht and entrepreneurs expanding online market. Which has seen more than 1.2 million Reach per month

Mr Mongkol said that what was planned And will deliver the mission to the management As well as bank employees Has continued to adhere to the commitment to seize the role of specialized financial institutions in the state To support small entrepreneurs “Micro SD”, also known as “small person”, whether it is a merchant group – a market stall Mobile food distribution group, FoodTruck + Phuangphuang Chowhu, and self-employed car dealers, etc., which has more than 3 million customers nationwide. Because this group of entrepreneurs Business ability is very low Because of the lack of government assistance More when needing funding in the financial institution system Almost impossible Because he had never had any financial history before. Had to turn to relying on an informal loan instead of becoming the weakest person Inaccessible to government aid measures As for the middle level, which has already adapted well Can also access government support measures Helps to increase the potential Causing the gap of disparity to be torn more broadly

Moreover, with the current economic structure entering the digital age Many businesses are forced to change technology. Need to reduce workers There are people falling looking for new careers, such as media businesses, financial institutions, etc. and more and more retirees. Young people who do not graduate in the field that the market wants Will find the routine more difficult Pushing to become a new entrepreneur, spread all over the country, including the need to create opportunities for start-up, so the bank determines the role to look after, support and strengthen the minorities closely and thoroughly In order to survive, expand the market and succeed Because of the success of entrepreneurs is the success of SME D Bank.



The guidelines for supporting sustainable success Must complete knowledge, finance and quality of life Comes complete with a complete upgrade to digital banking Bring modern technology to support operators to access the services of the bank easily, conveniently and quickly. Just have a brain and two hands. Able to run business The Bank therefore establishes a strategy of working with giving “3 Fill” through the “3D” process, ie 3 fill, including 1. Add skills, knowledge, increase business capabilities. 2. Fill capital with low interest loans Which the bank has been assigned by the government, such as loans to raise the community economy Individuals 1-3 years, only 0.42% per month and juristic persons, interest rates 1-3 years, only 0.25% per month and aging bank 4.0 from the Ministry of Industry For juristic person Fixed interest rate of 1% per year, etc. and 3. Quality of life Access to government benefits and welfare Create stability in the profession Help improve the quality of life

“3D” 1.D-Development = Help develop business with knowledge of capital. 2.D-Digital = Modern, fast, technology, SME D Bank platform, apply for loan and knowledge online at anytime, anywhere 24×7 (24 7 hours a day) and 3.D-Delivery = service to local areas throughout Thailand Through mobile service units “Horse carts fill the capital. Promoting Thai SMEs to be quick to reach “under this program, there will be 1,000 Mobile Units, covering 7,255 sub-districts nationwide. Can consider approving loans based on empirical data No need to use securities secured by bank officials. Will work under the code 8-8-7 (8 am to 8 pm 7 days a day) to allow operators to receive the most convenient service

Mr. Mongkol further said that from the survey of the SMEs business situation and the competitiveness index of SMEs throughout the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter of 2018, past by the Economic and Business Forecasting Center The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce found that SME customers who received 3 refills and 3D will have a business capability index. Higher than the average of general SMEs Indicating such guidelines Thus strengthening the entrepreneur, therefore, the Bank proceeded with this approach, extending to Thai SMEs widely. Aim this year Will support access to loan services worth 5.7 billion baht, divided into general SMEs, credit lines exceeding 1 million baht per customer, about 3.5 billion baht and for retail The amount of not more than 1 million baht per person is about 2.2 billion baht, causing the creation of jobs, generating income, circulating money in the economy of over 86 billion baht.


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