mormore ara plastic waste bag free of pungent odor, never stop thinking about seeking opportunities formula for success, cross over COVID-19

‘Horse’ Ara ” Garbage bag, plastic without pungent smell.
Do not stop looking for opportunities, the formula for success through COVID-19.

From the life that had to rise to live from childhood Through the heat and the cold Both walking and selling in order of numbers Fried garlic for sale Or even underwear clothes In the vicinity of the pool market but “Khun Jirat Ariyaratanahiran” never thought of giving up on life Thinking only to find a way to make a living all the time Until found a turning point to be a wholesale agent of plastic waste bags Until becoming the owner of a plastic waste bag factory with a customer base scattered across the country under the brand “Maha Ma Ara”


Mr. Jirat Ariyaratanahirun The owner of Chaikarn Plastic Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of plastic garbage bags, the brand “Ma Ma Ara” recalled the starting point of the business that from having made a living to do all kinds of work until he had the opportunity to get plastic garbage bags to sell. By the first time he was offered for sale to a restaurant Ask the shop if Do you use trash bags at the store? “He actually has them. Plus bought it at a cheaper price than us. But the shop is happy to help buy Because he saw the true intentions And would like to encourage us to have a career

The first step from buying plastic waste bags from intermediaries to sell to various stores, Khun Jirat began to see an opportunity for business growth. Where is the upstream pursuit of raw materials to produce bags? Therefore decided to drive a motorcycle by a ten-wheeler carrying plastic scraps To know where the source of plastic waste bags is produced Which will be successful Several attempts were made until the 27th time was able to contact the manufacturer of the garbage bags themselves. Well remember That was one of the happiest days in my life.


The decision to go ahead and become a plastic bag manufacturer that day. Helping the business keep growing By trial and error for many times, at first there was a little loss Because there is no experience in selecting raw materials But as I continued to do so, I got to know what kind of plastic this material was made from. And began to develop more quality products Which we have never been discouraged And most importantly, never stop thinking about expanding products

The highlight of the “Ara Maha” plastic bag of Chaikarn Plastic Company Limited is an innovation without pungent odor. And has the features of thick, sticky, and packaging design that is convenient for consumers There are many types and sizes of plastic bags to choose from, and also to manufacture plastic bags exclusively for hospital use.


Getting to this point In addition to determination And never stop thinking about product development Opportunities are also important. When the business is supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, it helps to access funding sources. Through the SME Development Fund loan project in line with the Civil State The Ministry of Industry charged the interest rate of 1% is a major driving force. Enabling businesses to grow up to the present

Sources of funds that the company has received To invest in machinery To increase the product in the waste bag made from corn starch Can be biodegradable naturally By seeing that the trend of saving the world Reducing the amount of plastic waste is gaining popularity with consumers today.

“Our idea is never stop thinking, always looking for opportunities. And set big goals Entrepreneurship is supported by the government. By the Ministry of Industry and SME D Bank in accessing low-interest capital sources Help expand the business to reach the goal ”

Currently, the company’s sales have continued to expand, although many businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 situation. But for Mr. Jirat, he sees the COVID-19 situation as an opportunity as more people are at home, so the consumption of trash bags is increasing.

“The COVID-19 crisis that is happening, I don’t view it as a problem. But saw that it would be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to adapt Like my business When there is a lockdown More and more people have to stay at home, including modern lifestyles living in condos. Hospitals need to use a lot of trash bags, so if we can bring our products to the target audience they want, our product The crisis Did not affect It is also an opportunity to help your business grow. ”

Future business plan Will focus on product development to increase environmental friendliness It can be more easily biodegradable naturally. And design products that are suitable for the lifestyle of today’s people That want a beautiful design Coupled with ease of use


Chaikarn Plastic Company Limited

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