NESDB cooperates with 5 state enterprise agencies Elevate public service with BigData

The NESDB and the PEA, PEA, and the PEA will link data between each other as BigData in order to integrate and enhance the level of service to people thoroughly and efficiently. efficiency

Mr. Ekani Nitithanpraphat, director of the State Enterprise Policy Office (NESDB) revealed that the NESDB has cooperated with 5 state enterprises, namely the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SMEs). Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MEA) and Provincial Waterworks Authority (PEA) signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in data integration. To raise the level of public service to become BigData of state enterprises (MOUs), which is the result of the seminar for senior executives of state enterprises (CEOForum) on 24 November 2017 according to the government’s policy. To drive management of BigData and DigitalTransformation In state-owned enterprises, the NRA, as an agency that governs state-owned enterprises, acts as a mediator and is a consultant to coordinate the five state-owned enterprises to discuss This memorandum will be considered as an example of cooperation to continue to integrate the information of other state enterprises.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director of the Bank of Thailand, said that the bank proposed a pilot project to link information between electricity and water service providers. This will help to know the status as well as confirm the identity of small SMEs entrepreneurs, or “Micro SMEs”, giving such entrepreneurs a chance to access knowledge and funding sources of bank loans. climb At the same time, electricity and water service providers Able to use the information of those who apply for a loan with the bank to analyze and improve the service to suit the business conditions as well.

Mr. Chaiyong Puaphongsakorn, Governor of MEA, said that MEA has recognized the importance of integrating the database of electricity users. continually modern has collaborated with the Department of Provincial Administration to carry out the Linkage Center project to link the database with government agencies and this time MEA is ready to extend the said project with SME Bank for linking and exchanging information between electricity users and credit applicants. This will enable continuous improvement of the information and make it more accurate. There was an integration that was more beneficial to the people.

Mr. Sermsakul Klaikaew, Governor of PEA said that PEA has implemented the Thailand4.0 policy in terms of supporting SMEs, improving the quality of service to people. PEA will be a technology-driven organization. modern Creativity, innovation, personnel development to support change and new businesses, develop work processes that support the digital age. Facilitate and speed up service work for the people with a variety of functions. Respond to needs quickly and efficiently The signing of the agreement is the starting point for database management in both BigData and Digital Transformation. which is beneficial to the people in dealing with government agencies to be convenient, fast and efficient to transform the country into a Digital Economy

Mr. Parinya Yamasamit, governor of the MEA said that in supporting the emergence of new small-scale entrepreneurs, MEA is confident in the ability to provide clean and safe tap water to all and With the introduction of modern information technology to support the operation of the MEA, new operators will be able to receive accurate information 24 hours a day.

Mr. Somchai Monburinon, Deputy Governor (Academic) Acting Governor of PWA said PWA has a mission to survey and lay water pipes. To provide standardized clean water services to people in 74 provinces across the country (except Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan), which have 234 PWA branches throughout the country. Therefore, the customer database system is accurate and current. absolutely necessary Signing a memorandum of agreement with the Bank of Thailand to coordinate cooperation to support operations to link information between them In particular, personal information from the PWA and SME Bank’s customer databases that conduct transactions and give consent. To increase the efficiency of PWA’s operation, it will make people more convenient and faster in receiving services.

Mr. Ekniti Nitithanpraphat, Director of the NESDB, concluded that the signing of an MOU of NESDB with state enterprises today marks the beginning of integrating state-owned enterprise databases through BigData and Digital Transformation. to enhance the efficiency of government database management This will play an important role in increasing the efficiency of service to the people and driving them to become a state enterprise 4.0 in the future.


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