Oranges, Ploy oranges Sai Nam Phueng Fang Mellow taste sweet scent holds strength fresh like just picked from the garden Enter the online market to fight COVID

“Orange Ploy, Orange, Sai Nam Phueng, Fang” taste mellow and sweet
Raising strengths as fresh as freshly picked from a garden Enter the online market to fight COVID

“Som” in Teochew language is called Tai Ki. It means that Heng is rich and rich with the appearance of gold-like glittering yellow wastes. The Chinese therefore raised it as an auspicious fruit. Regardless of the Chinese New Year Or various traditional festivals The offerings always have oranges on the top.

Som In addition to a name that has meaning and attributes are auspicious. It is also a good fruit that is beneficial to the system within the body. It is rich in many vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, as well as calcium and iron, etc. At present, there are many oranges in Thailand that are highly popular in the market. One of them is “Sai Nam Phueng or Orange Shogun” from Fang District, Chiang Mai Province


Fang District is an area with high fertility. The climate is very suitable for cultivating citrus. The results did not disappoint. Oranges are delicious, mellow, sweet, suitable for consumers. Has a unique taste And with high market demand Many farmers are turning to growing more oranges. As a result, some farmers do not have access to market competition. Orange wax factory or orange picking factory, “Ploy Orange, Sai Nam Phueng, Fang” to help buy products directly from farmers of Fang

“Actually graduated from architecture But because they have been involved in the orange industry since childhood When it comes to managing and continuing the family business, there are no problems. Our parents have opened a orange wax factory for more than 20 years, so we know every child of oranges as if they were a family member. One glance will know that Is this orange standard or not? Through the care and cultivation, however, it all stems from the experience of taking care of every step seriously. Whether it is the process of orange grading, grading, packing for export by orders. You can guarantee the quality of oranges that they are delicious, fresh, safe, like growing and picking your own oranges with your hands. ”Khun Patcharaphan Kasvibun or Khun Ploy, the owner of the business Factory “Som Ploy Som Sai Nam Phueng Fang, ”said one of the young entrepreneurs who are only 31 years old who have stepped into the family’s agricultural business.

Orange Factory, Ploy, Sai Nam Phueng, Fang Very attentive and meticulous in the citrus selection process. Because oranges are consumer products If the source of produce from the garden is not up to standard And only a few mistakes can cause harm to the end consumer, so the selection of oranges of the factory, in addition to choosing a beautiful, big, good-tasting, regular orange fruit. Safety quality also comes first.

When the oranges that come out of the factory are up to standard quality The next step is marketing. Which Khun Patcharaphan Describe the chosen strategy. “What makes customers know and trust oranges from the orange factory, Ploy, Sai Nam Phueng, Fang Is to tell quality by word of mouth This strategy has been used since your parents’ generation. When customers come to support It can be seen that farmers bring freshly cut produce from the garden directly to the factory. Farmers themselves can see that we sell to customers at a price that does not take advantage. Producers and consumers therefore have confidence in choosing to use the service continuously. Expand wide coverage, able to sell to large markets such as Tai Market, Iyara Market and various provinces across the country. ”

Traditionally accepted that the marketing would focus on target groups of sellers in major markets. With only tons of orders at a time The retail market is not paying much attention. Until the crisis from the COVID-19 situation raged, the government announced to reduce congestion. To increase safety Orders to close various places, including fresh markets, flea markets, vendors must suddenly cancel orders. This force had a profound effect on the factory. Orange that has been bought And produce from farmers who are coming out to do It’s a question like the chicken and the egg, what happened first?

“I do not think that the worst crisis will happen when we enter the management of our orders, money is shrinking, it is a crisis that we cannot tell anyone who is discouraged but does not retreat. During that time, we studied a lot of marketing techniques. Until he joined the training with Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand through the topic of preparing capital for enhancing SMEs, which is the knowledge that comes at the right time and meets the needs Make you understand more about business management processes Not delay, hurriedly turn the bow through the storm, immediately change the strategy and focus on selling online through the online world market, ”said Khun Patchaphan on how to overcome problems and obstacles during the COVID-19 crisis.

The fight against the Covid-19 crisis Khun Patcharapan turned to focus on the small market. Open online sales, whether it is Line @, delivery in the form of “Orange Box”, clear delivery methods according to the area, such as Chiang Mai Province, can be delivered immediately according to the amount of orders placed. As for other provincial areas Delivery will depend on the distance, for example, in Bangkok, it will take 1-2 days.

The price of boxed oranges or A-grade oranges will have a variety of prices for customers to choose to buy, divided into 2 sizes, including No. 5 oranges packed with 40 pieces (5 kilograms) per box, price 400 baht, No. 5 oranges packaged 84 pieces (10 kilograms Price 1,000 baht, No.6 oranges packaged 30 pcs. (5 kg.) Price 450 baht, and orange No. 6 packaged 72 pcs. (10 kg.) Price 1,200 baht, etc.

In addition to transportation, Khun Patcharaphan also revealed no secret on how to maintain the freshness of every orange. Using the method of requiring farmers to collect oranges and deliver them to the factory only on the order date No stock Not collect in advance And as soon as the package is completed, it must be sent immediately to the consumer Therefore, the customers who received it felt like they had just collected from the garden from the tree. Suitable for an auspicious oranges, a worship machine during the Chinese New Year. Or as a souvenir

“Today, COVID-19 Come back to the epidemic

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