Pimporn Banana flips the crisis Banana nam wa, 50 satang, informs the birth of snack inter-bank support sustainable growth

‘Pimphon Banana’ overturns the crisis of “Kluay Nam Wa”, comb 50 satang, informs the birth of Inter Snack
SME Bank strengthens the power of “adding capital for development partners” to support sustainable growth

“Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank plays an important role with “Pimporn Banana Interfoods” in supporting access to funding sources. enhance liquidity business upgrade along with adding knowledge strengthening to keep pace with the rapid changes Along with the impression of the service received from the Bank of Thailand, which has always taken care of them closely.”

Mrs. Pimporn Champho, president of Pimporn Banana Interfoods Company Limited, a business of producing and selling processed fruits. Sukhothai, the brand “Chips & Chill” tells about the beginning of the business that Sukhothai is considered a province with a large number of farmers cultivating bananas, but in 1996 there was an oversupply problem. As a result, the purchase price of bananas from the vendors severely declined Only 50 satang per comb left. This made us have to adjust and make decisions immediately. Bringing raw materials “Kluay Nam Wa” to create new products, starting from “Butter-flavored banana chips”, sold in tourist destinations such as Chonburi, Bangkok, received a good response from consumers. a lot

The highlight of the business is the agricultural products of the villagers in the community that are of high quality, chemical free, processed into snack products or “snacks” with the production process according to international standards, such as the FDA standard, the community product standard (Ms. g) Standards in food production (GMP), basic systems at food factories (GHP), standard manufacturing plants (HACCP), etc. Importantly, rice bran oil is used in frying. with a distinctive feature of low calorie content

As for Chips & Chill products, 50% of the products are sold domestically, sold at leading department stores and modern trades. including important tourist attractions Overseas, 50% is exported to China, South Korea, etc. through Thai Pavilion. in Beijing’s Daqing Airport, and sells through online channels on China’s large online retail platforms Taobao and Pinduo. resulting in a continuous increase in orders

Currently, the products are available in a variety of flavors. Answer the needs of consumers, eat easily Suitable for all ages The average retail price is 35 baht per pack, including butter bananas, tom yum bananas, mala bananas. Original flavored taro, buttery potato and original potato and bananas filled with tamarind and jackfruit flavored with butter, gradually released within 2022

Covid-19 epidemic situation that happened in the past Does not affect the business but grows against the trend because it is a product related to consumption As a result, there are orders from foreign operators such as China and Korea, continually contacting to order products. together with the management of raw materials for maximum benefit from increased production capacity This resulted in a large amount of the remaining raw material bark fragments. to be part of caring for the environment We have handled such raw materials. It is dried and ground into animal feed. or make fertilizer for banana fields good effect on raw materials It is an organic matter that nourishes bananas to grow. no chemicals required

In this regard, SME Bank with business promotion through the process “Fill up the development partner” in addition to supporting access to funding sources. Increased business liquidity It also helps to fill the body of knowledge. Able to manage the business to keep up with the fast changing trend. with business publicity by being selected as 1 in 95 from 95 branches as a business model Help inspire SME entrepreneurs, including those who dream of becoming business owners. Can be applied as a way to develop, expand or create a new business. in order to step into success as well

Future business plan 3-5 years from now, the company will invest in innovation and technology. By using machines for production to support the needs and orders from customers continuously along with community care that is not divided into bosses and subordinates But we see it as working together. By continuing to employ jobs, create a career, generate income for the villagers So they don’t have to go out to find work abroad as well.

From the problem of banana nam wa, the price dropped to only 50 satang per comb, but with the skill of SMEs from Sukhothai, “Pimphon Banana Interfoods” expanded to be a snack add value Successfully brought the product to the world market Help your business grow admirably.

Pimporn Banana Interfoods Co., Ltd.
394/5 Moo 3, Nong Tum Subdistrict
Kong Krailas District, Sukhothai Province 64170
Tel. 087-733-4213
Email : pimporn4213@gmail.com
Facebook : Pimporn Jampho

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