Pointing out that Thai SMEs are alert to upgrade logistics, seize the golden opportunity of the booming online market

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Revealing the results of the survey pointing out that Thai SMEs are alert to upgrade the logistics system. Trust will play an increasingly important role. in line with the growing trend of the e-commerce market Identify wanting to invest in technology development and packaging Believes to increase sales. SME Development Bank announced that it is ready to support Expanding knowledge and funding

Associate Professor Dr. Saowanee Thairungrot, President of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce discuss the results of the survey “The pattern of use and management of Thai logistics SMEs” from a sample of 1,221 samples that Thai SMEs carry out a variety of logistics activities. Divided by proportion 26.48% for purchasing raw materials/products, 22.97% delivering goods, 18.81% managing inventory, 12.51% packaging/packaging, 7.23% doing import-export documents, hundred 6.63 per each production planning and 5.37% handling of return goods by almost every activity The sample indicated that they would do it themselves, except for the delivery of goods. The sample said that they would use the method of hiring others.

When asked about the importance of logistics systems Most of the respondents, 46.01%, said they were moderately important and believed that the next six months and a year would be very important. which is the same trend Both small and medium-sized businesses, registered and unregistered

As for logistics costs compared to the overall expenses of the business, in the case of doing it yourself, it was at 30.56 percent. at 13.33 percent, while the cost In terms of transportation of goods and services compared to the overall cost of the business, in the case of doing it yourself, it is at 18.99%. at 15.77%

In this regard, 87.24% of the sample group said they had stockpiled products waiting to be sold. and if separated into small businesses Keep stock of goods waiting to be sold on average 24 days. Keep stock of products waiting for sale, average 35 days.

In addition, small and medium-sized businesses also stated that A very important logistics technology is delivery, but the reason why businesses have not adopted the technology is that the business is small, so it is not necessary. 29.85% , No funding to buy technology. 26.70 percent, the company has nothing to do with technology (14.81%), technology is not necessary for the company (13.83%), not knowing how to use it (6.80%), and others 8.01 percent.

In addition, 32.40 percent of the sample group plans to invest in equipment related to transportation systems, technology and IT, of which 74.32% will use borrowing methods. Average amount required 237,217.39 baht

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat Phonwichai, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research and Director of the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Revealing the pattern of transportation services of Thai SMEs, 60.72% of the sample group operates online businesses. (e-commerce) By and large, there is value in running an online business. accounted for 26.52% of the total value The medium-sized business segment is worth running an online business. accounting for 31.94% of the total value By using online to do business for the same 6 years

In this regard, the business offers free shipping services (Free Shipping) 61.99% and when classified by business size and the registration of juristic persons found that Small and unregistered businesses The rate of such service is higher than that of medium-sized and registered businesses. Most of them choose the shipping method themselves. The popular vehicles used to deliver goods, both self-delivery and hired by a transport company, are cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and buses, respectively.

The most popular delivery service providers are Thai Post Co., Ltd. 20.37 percent, Kerry 20.06 percent, Transport Company Limited 16.76%, LINE MAN 12.78 percent, private bus company 10.14%, State Railway of Thailand 8.71% , Grab 5.46% , LALAMOVE 2.55% , other motorcycle hired 1.46% , plane 0.95% and private transport companies 0.76%

in terms of packaging use The sample was rated on the strength factor. and safe to transport, including to promote marketing such as beauty, portability, by small and unregistered businesses Scored an average of about 7.5 points for medium-sized and listed businesses. Scored an average of about 8 points, and 21.28 percent had plans to invest in packaging development. with a limit of 89,893.44 baht and if the desired loan is obtained, it is believed that it will increase sales by 23.13%

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat also revealed that the measures or assistance that the sample group said they would like to receive from the government include: 1. Develop logistics management processes. 2. Promote or develop technology to manage logistics systems and 3. Develop transportation systems. The demand from SME Development Bank is 1. Credits for improving logistics processes such as packaging development. develop a technology system for product delivery; and 2. Promote or develop a body of knowledge about packaging development to suit the product. Choosing the right shipping technology for your business

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME) mentioned the survey results. clearly shows that Thai SME entrepreneurs whether it is small, medium-sized, registered groups and not registered as a juristic person They pay attention to the development of logistics systems. whether delivery stock management Developing packaging, etc., because it is confident that it will benefit businesses from online commerce or e-commerce, which is gaining popularity and the market is likely to continue to grow. Therefore, the bank will use the survey results to develop new credit products and support services. to meet the needs of SMEs who want to invest in technology to increase the capacity of the logistics system and help reduce shipping costs In addition to services which the bank has done in many forms Whether it is the creation of the ‘SME D Bank’ platform, which is an application to collect more than 100 tools for business (Tools Box) such as the warehouse system. Transportation management systems, etc., are available for free download.

Organize activities to increase knowledge such as seminars to introduce online marketing Bringing business matching with online market managers such as Shopee and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), including having a design and packaging development project to be attractive to the market and suitable for transportation arrangements, etc.

and for entrepreneurs who want to invest in technology to develop a logistics system or improve the packaging The bank has special interest loans to serve, such as the Tao Kae 4.0 loan. from the Ministry of Industry for legal entities The interest rate is only 1% per annum, the first 3 years of principal repayment is free, giving the opportunity for small entrepreneurs with financial problems to borrow. (even having been restructured or non-continuous installments) and star economic loans For natural persons and juristic persons, interest 3% per annum in the first 3 years for agro-processing business. Tourism/Community Tourism and new entrepreneurs or have innovations, etc.


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