Precision unique concrete, complete the concrete tools Uphold innovation to enhance products Aiming for the number 1 northeast platform

 Precision unique concrete, complete the concrete tools Uphold innovation to enhance products Aiming for the number 1 northeast platform


When the city develops The number of people increases Make housing requirements And buildings grow accordingly It has a positive impact on the construction materials business, especially “precast concrete”, which is an important and starting point for residential construction.

Precision Unique Concrete Co., Ltd. from Udon Thani Province by Mr. Surasit Lertnimulchai, Managing Director, is the industry’s foremost manufacturer and distributor of construction equipment from concrete materials. In the northeast area

He described the beginning of the business. Back in 1987, that time was the time to build a new business. It is a good opportunity. Because from traveling to find friends in Sukhothai Study visits at a concrete factory Showing opportunities and business opportunities Because with the process and the steps are not complicated Therefore returned to the Northeast (Isan) to proceed immediately for business

Before starting a real business Having studied the real estate market trends in the Isan area, it was found that building materials such as precast concrete slabs Marketable Many agencies, both public and private sectors, use this product more But most still have to be sent from Bangkok Therefore ensuring that Business has a chance to be successful. According to the growth of the Isan area


In the beginning, only the precast concrete slabs were produced. With the volume of orders coming in continuously The business is going well. Returned to the test from the Tom Yam Kung crisis in 1997, the company’s revenues disappeared in the blink of an eye. Because the contractor customer can not pay for it.

“Such a lesson Causing us to adapt again From that there are only precast concrete slabs Also added new products such as concrete piles, barbed wire fence posts, prestressed concrete, prefabricated fence systems And prefabricated houses To increase the customer base from being a contractor only This will help close the risk not to the same as the Tom Yam Kung crisis. By process Since applying for a construction permit Until the installation is complete Most of the customer groups are real estate, temples, or business owners. That will be added to the factory area, etc. “Surasit explained, added

Highlights that drive Precision Unique Concrete Co., Ltd. to become a concrete equipment manufacturer. The front row of the northeast Because they can provide a full range of services To support the needs of customers and contractors completely, in addition, never stop developing products from concrete innovations. Currently, the customer base is in Udon Thani and surrounding provinces Which will accept construction work in the public and private sectors As a result, the majority of customers are on a regular basis while the company progresses in line with real estate business growth. This is reflected in the fact that there are large entrepreneurs on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and real estate entrepreneurs in the area. With a continuous increase in orders From the first day to the present, an increase of more than 10 times from a million baht to ten million baht, and housing of the local people continues to expand.


Asked about the impact of the COVID-19 situation, Surasit admitted that he was also affected. Because some customers have already agreed to order the product clearly But when the real estate business is completed Less housing sales or transfers cannot be closed Customers had to delay the construction first. As a result, the ordered goods were not picked up. However, as a mutual operator, we understand and be ready to help By negotiating together To control the stock of products to be flexible Save us and he will not have to bear too high costs

In addition, it also received assistance from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank to lighten the impact.

“This bank is more than a partner. Like family When the COVID-19 situation occurs Honest When we were in trouble, the bank immediately contacted us to inquire. With full supervision and assistance It is a bank that has been used for a long time, ”said Surasit.

Besides SME D Bank 0t helps companies to access funding sources. The interest rate is cheap, both Transformation Loan and Loan from the SME Development Fund along the Civil State. Of the Ministry of Industry It also helps to develop the business to grow and support the competition effectively. This was reflected in the continued expansion of product orders. It also helps the company to have sufficient liquidity. Invest money Grow your business and reach your goals in the future.

Business forwarding sees that there is still an opportunity for continued growth. With increasing emphasis on system management To close the risk of reducing cost management. When the market has a price competition We were able to fight with competitors. The business plan in the future is the preparation of accounting information to be clear. To build the credibility of the business To raise the level of product quality for maximum efficiency. This will help reduce the problem of wastage. Including increasing security at every step of the system So that it can be traced back. If the product has a problem, it will help us to investigate the spot.

Than to grow today Born from the idea of ​​wanting to change the business moving forward Ready to seize the opportunity Not waiting for traditional orders, including managing the business to meet the standard, bringing the ISO 9001 system to improve the entire product manufacturing process It has been certified since 1999 until 2008. All kinds of products have been continuously improved until the patented fence was achieved in 2004 and tested by AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) in accordance with BS ( British Standards): 5234 in 2005 and has not stopped researching, researching and increasing innovation, continuously upgrading the product by 2022, prepare to expand the business to the lower northeast. Ready to set a goal to grow to be No. 1 concrete business in the Isan area


Precision Unique Concrete Co., Ltd.

No. 11 Moo 22, Udon-Sam Phrao Road

Sam Phrao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Udon Thani Province

Postal Code 4100

Phone: (042) 349 171 to 2


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