Professional beauty, SME D Bank, together with alliances to fill the capital skills, to transform the house into a beauty salon.


On April 3, the past Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank and partner organizations, including professional qualifications institutions (Public Organization) or the Office of the National Housing Authority (GHB) and the Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) organize the activity “Change the house into a beauty salon For professionals “at the AVANI Khon Kaen hotel conference room to jointly raise professional standards for beauty professionals Which is one of the independent occupations that the government gives great importance Because of being close to Thai society for a long time and most importantly, beauty services from Thai technicians are favored by international recognition

In the event of “filling skills” was honored by Dr. Somsak Chalachol, Chairman of the Occupational Standards Committee. Join the knowledge transfer in the topic “Sustainable Salon Management” and Mr. Kraiwit Phumsuk, working group of professional standards and professional qualifications on the topic of “New trend, high power that hairdressers 4.0 should know”




In addition, SME Bank and GH Bank join “Fill Capital” to support low-interest loans in the project. “Build a house, build a career” by a beauty salon professional who wants to improve the shop to be beautiful, modern, standardized or a skilled beautician who comes to work in Bangkok. Want to create a career in the local homeland Can apply for loans from the Bank of Thailand to transform the house into a beauty salon through the project # Loan to raise the community economy. Installments for 7 years, special interest rates for natural persons, first 3 years, only 0.417% per month, 4-7 years, MLR rate per The maximum loan amount is 2 million baht. Interest rates will be reduced by another 3 years, only 0.25% per month, 4-7 years, MLR rate per year. Can use TCG to guarantee, while GHB supports loans for the purchase of housing or building to be a beauty salon. The interest rate for the first 3 years is only 3.15% per year, then according to the bank conditions. Maximum loan period of 40 years, free of charge for the loan And 1% mortgage registration fee

Good activities like this partner agency Together, organized continuously to various provinces Follow the news from https://coreportal.smebank.co.th/calendar.php And the media of SME D Bank.


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