Royal Bakery Southern Favorite Bread Insist on selling points, cheap and good are real.

Royal Bakery, Southern Favorite Bread Insist on selling points, cheap and good are real.



Bread packaged “Royal Bakery” has been standing in the hearts of customers for a long time. Especially the southern brothers From a point of sale that is easy to say but difficult to do, ie ‘delicious, good quality and sell at a cheap price’ process before achieving this goal. Requires expert experience, deep knowledge, real knowledge and action And full buon From the brains and hands of “Wannee Chutiporn”, a small but big-hearted woman of the city of a hundred islands

Wannee Chutiporn, or what familiar people call “Jeewannee”, the owner of Royal Bakery Co., Ltd. Bread manufacturer and distributor of “Royal Bakery” brand, Makham Tia Subdistrict, Mueang District, Surat Thani Province Pioneered the business about 20 years ago by opening a small factory. Production and distribution of crackers Followed by Pia. Send and sell at wholesalers or “distributors” in Surat Thani province and nearby. Which the first phase has not been very popular Because there are many similar products in the market

“After making rice crackers Following with Pia for a while, Jay switched to making bread because she saw that it can be done quickly. The production uses the method of weighing and measuring. Easy quality control And bread was an easy-to-buy product and there were not many factory-style bread makers in the south, ”Jeewannee said of the start of the bakery business.

With marketing channels aimed at wholesale through the dealer How to get the products to get a chance to sell. In the beginning, Jeewannee went ahead and bought the dealer. By giving the product to sell without charge in advance If it can be sold, the profit will be shared. If the product is left unused or damaged, it will be returned entirely.This way, dealer stores have little cost or risk. Making fresh bread brand Get the opportunity to put up for sale in the market

The point of sale sent to “Royal Bakery” was successful. And it is also a distinctive feature that always adheres to making delicious, good-quality breads that are standardized and sold at a cheap price. Average only 5-10 baht per envelope, helping to meet the needs of the southern brothers. Especially the group of gardeners and fishermen in the 3 southern border provinces As well

“In the past, the three southernmost provinces There is no bread factory at all. Make our products get a very good response. Because the product has a standard Clearly different from the products in the market at that time, farmers and fishermen often buy them to eat. While working in the garden Or go out to sea to fish When eating, then enjoy the delicious taste. Please continue to tell Makes our products popular in the south, ”said the business owner.




The secret of being able to produce good quality Get it at an affordable price Je Wannee pointed to mass production. And has a regular source of purchasing raw materials Resulting in low cost production including rapid production planning Bring modern machinery to help And most importantly Yield very little to very little profit The retail price of 5-10 baht per pack is the same price since the beginning and maintains this price until now. Even though all costs will increase But willing to reduce profits Instead of raising prices


Jeewannee continued that Royal Bakery employs more than 80 people, producing 50,000 pieces of bread per day, with fresh produce every day. Distributed, sent, sold through more than 200 distributors in the southern region, with continuous development of new products, totaling more than 70 products, including bread, chicken salad dressing. Own formula The retail price is only 5 baht per envelope.

In fact, Khun Wannee graduated in accounting. Never had any cooking background, but the ability to run a bakery business. Whether it is inventing every new dessert recipe Adopting modern machinery And the development of the factory to standards such as FDA, Halal and HACCP, etc., are all born from a commitment to learn by yourself. Along with an assistant throughout the business route Such as the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) supporting capital And advice on business expansion From the era of its establishment to its current growth


Today’s overview, Royal Bakery is delivering wood to the business heir. To help build on and build on With a focus on expanding the market more widely Distribute products to areas other than the South. And continuously develop new products With Jeewannee As a support Use experience to advise And inspect the quality before sending the products to the market

Behind the scenes of producing good quality products And sell at a reasonable price It comes from dedication and hard work that is important to think of consumers first. And ready to move forward to win the hearts of customers across the country as well

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