SME Bank announced to stand by to help the underprivileged entrepreneurs suffering from the Pabuk storm. Facilitate loan submission anytime anywhere


SME Bank is ready to stand alongside the Southern SMEs entrepreneurs. Being affected by the storm “Papuk” birth 2 rescue measures including debt rest and special interest capital Used to revitalize business Facilitate the submission of loans through the SME D Bank application at any time, any place Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank) as many provinces of the southern region may be affected by the influence of tropical storm “Pabuk” which will result in flooding, heavy rain, sudden floods and resulting in damage to business operators in the South And experiencing direct and indirect problems in occupation Which the bank is very concerned about therefore, issued 2 urgent measures to help bank customers who are affected by this disaster, including  1.    Debt settlement measures For term loan, the principal and interest will be paid for a period of not more than 6 months as for the promissory note agreement: P / N, issuing aid measures to stop interest payments for a period of not more than 6 months  And 2. Emergency credit limit measures for business rehabilitation In order to allow the bank customers who have been damaged, have funds to restore and circulate in the business Which has a maximum loan period of up to 5 years Grace period, not over 1 year, interest rate 0.415% per month throughout the contract period. Maximum credit line per person as follows : 1.The debtor with a total credit limit of not more than 1 million baht shall not exceed 5 hundred thousand baht. 2. Debtors with a total approval limit of more than 1 million baht but not more than 5 million baht, maximum loan not exceeding 1 million baht And 3. Debtors with an approved credit limit of more than 5 million baht, maximum loan amount not exceeding 2 million baht, including the original credit limit of not more than 15 million baht. And can use collateral, TCG guarantees only measures that increase not more than 2 million baht In addition, for SMEs that need funds to enhance business potential after the disaster has passed The Bank has prepared special interest rate loans to support For investment in expanding and improving the business and circulating such as the Local Economy Loan supportting for agricultural processing groups Tourism / community business New entrepreneurs have innovation, wholesale group, retail, grocery store, community shop, Thong Fah shop, agricultural product trader and self-employed professionals, for example, special interest rates Individuals 1-3 years, only 0.42% per month and juristic persons will have a lower interest rate of 1-3 years, only 0.25% per month. 




SME Bank leverages work through the platform ‘SME D Bank’, an application that SMEs can apply for a loan at any time, every place under the 24×7 code means 24 hours a day, 7 days .Working in tandem with the mobile car service unit to fill the capital, promote Thai SMEs to be quick to the place when the operator submits the loan application online, then within 3 days .The bank staff contacted To make an appointment for the horse car unit to fill the capital to meet to see the empirical data for real business operations Can know the results of the credit consideration in 7 days. Meanwhile, bank employees Working under code 8-8-7 means 8 am to 8 pm (8: 00-20: 00 hrs.) For 7 days Mr Mongkol said that he now ordered the bank staff from the center. And the branch staff in the area visited and surveyed the damage in order to help in a timely manner and call the 1357 Call Center to be notified for help .Therefore, SMEs entrepreneurs who are affected by this disaster Be assured that the Bank will receive assistance and care from the Bank of Thailand closely, thoroughly and promptly.


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