SME Bank, coordinate with 4 government agencies Attached to the wings of SMEs in Khon Kaen Pushing strong business with knowledge of partners, piloting 214 cases, with a credit line exceeding 240 million baht.


Bank of Thailand joins hands with 4 government agencies Attached to the wings of SMEs in Khon Kaen access to knowledge Low interest loan pairs, starting at 1% per year. Pilot approved 214 cases with a total credit line of more than 240 million baht, raising the local economy boom. Ascend to the center of the Northeastern region Ready to serve the SME D Bank platform, convenient service, fast to the area


Today (Oct. 5), Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) joined the memorandum of cooperation ceremony with 4 government agencies, namely, Commercial Bank of Khon Kaen Province. industry in Khon Kaen Khon Kaen Provincial Treasury and community development in Khon Kaen Province with Mr. Somsak Changtrakul, Governor of Khon Kaen Province honored to be the presiding witness of the ceremony


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director of SME Development Bank, said that this cooperation It will benefit SME entrepreneurs in Khon Kaen Province to access various services from the Bank of Thailand through these 4 agencies. Help select members in the agency who have potential and need credit to send to the bank. To enter the process of supporting special interest loans such as star economic loans For natural persons and juristic persons, the interest rate is 3%, fixed for the first 3 years, installments for 7 years, and the boss loan 4.0 from the Ministry of Industry. for legal entities Charge a special interest rate of 1% fixed throughout the period of 7 years, etc., including receiving support for knowledge, market channels and upgrading standards. through taking part in various activities organized by the bank, such as seminars to strengthen businesses product development project and participating in various exhibitions, etc.


For members of the 4 government agencies Covering all business groups in Khon Kaen Province, from the Pracharath Blue Flag network stores. community tourism community enterprises and OTOP, etc., totaling more than 20,000 businesses. Therefore, cooperation brings Khon Kaen SMEs to access knowledge of partners. It is therefore important to drive and uplift the economy of Khon Kaen Province and build on Khon Kaen to become the economic center of the Northeastern region.


In the past 3 months (July-September), SME Bank and 4 pilot agencies have continued to support SMEs in accordance with their cooperation. satisfactorily achieved results able to support 214 entrepreneurs in Khon Kaen to access credit, totaling more than 240 million baht. Has organized a credit giving ceremony to 12 entrepreneurs in Khon Kaen, such as Thepthip Bakery (2002) Limited Partnership, TH CKK Food Partnership, Thai Herbal Standard Limited Partnership. SKJ Design and Apisara Thai fabrics, etc.




In addition, in order to facilitate Khon Kaen entrepreneurs to access the bank’s services more conveniently and quickly, the bank has now launched the SME D Bank platform service to work in tandem with the mobile service unit. “The horse-drawn carriage to promote Thai SMEs, quickly reach the country” when entrepreneurs apply for loans online. The information will be sent to the database immediately and within 3 days the bank officer will contact you back. to make an appointment for the horse-drawn carriage unit to run to see the empirical data on real business operations Able to consider loans without collateral Entrepreneurs know results in 7 days, completely eliminating time and place constraints.


Within the SME D Bank platform, there are tools box to help SMEs grow, be strong, survive and be sustainable by gathering more than 140 applications and software to enhance the capabilities of SMEs. A knowledge library for SMEs (e-Library), more than 2000 knowledge and privileges from within the platform.


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