SME Bank flags to create a market for quality rooms, upgrade income Shaking hands with one of the guru to wake up the trend “Boutique Hotels” all over the country

SME Bank awakens tourism trends – quality rooms Prepare to upgrade entrepreneurs to drive community-based economy Join hands with one of the best gurus to provide knowledge to upgrade the boutique hotel business to generate comprehensive income.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Development Bank or SME) said in the chairman of the seminar opening tips (not) secret … success. “Boutique hotels in Thailand are growing” that the business of quality rooms or boutique hotels (Boutique Hotel) is another interesting option. because if you compare between “Boutique Hotel” and the hotel or general resort The cost of both space and construction per room is also many times lower. while the rate of increase in income has increased from the original several times, such as hotels for backpackers or hostels (Hostel) price per room at 400 baht per night, while boutique hotels Prices per night start from thousands to ten thousand baht. This business is interesting because it generates income directly to the community.

However, investment in such business requires investment in renovating the place. SME Bank is ready to support both knowledge and assistance in credit matters. Currently, the bank offers credit products for those who wish to invest in boutique hotels. Many products, such as star economic loans, amount of 50 billion baht, promoting and developing small SME entrepreneurs or micro-SMEs It also helps support tourism – community tourism. The interest rate is 3% per annum in the first 3 years, the 4th -7th year. The average MLR rate is 5-7% interest rate throughout the project. Loan term. Up to 7 years, maximum loan amount per person is not more than 5 million baht, natural person maximum loan amount per person is not more than 2 million baht, if a natural person with value added tax (VAT) registration and a juristic person receives a maximum limit of 5 million baht per person Special offer to borrow 1 million baht, pay only 460 baht per day.

and loans that are likely to meet the needs of the elderly who want to develop their existing residences into rooms for small tourists can use credit services “Professional Loan Project” with a total project limit of 1,000 million baht to support capital for people aged 55 years and over to be able to start a new business. Earning income after retirement from full-time work The bank has relaxed the criteria for the elderly to have more access to funding sources. Borrowers can be either natural persons or juristic persons. In case if there is an authorized director or shareholder must be between 55 years old to 75 years old (including the loan period not over 75 years old), maximum loan not more than 7 years, no repayment of principal Up to 6 months for seniors who want to start a business or want to expand All types of business improvement, maximum loan not exceeding 1 million baht, interest rate at MLR+1 percent per year or average 6.87%, free TCG fee for 1 year and enter the SME Thaweetun (PGS6) project, renovated, free TCG fee. 4 years, maximum loan term 7 years, grace period, 6 months, the project ends within 31 December 2018 or until the credit limit is exhausted.

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