SME Bank fully supports tourism SMEs, increasing income, expanding markets, revitalizing businesses, issuing E-Books, good promotions, SMEs all over Thailand, serving 100 amazing promotions bustling economy

SME Bank fully supports tourism SMEs, increase revenues, expand markets, restore business
Released E-Book “Good promotion, SMEs all over Thailand”, serving 100 promotions, wow! bustling economy

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that the past Covid-19 crisis has made it very difficult for SMEs. especially tourism and related businesses It is a group that has been directly impacted severely and continuously. Therefore, the Bank of Thailand as a bank for Thai SMEs has always stood by to help SMEs in tourism and related in order to be able to quickly restore and move forward in business according to the government policy through funding assistance measures by issuing the project “SMEs Re-Start Loan” while also supporting development along with a variety of projects such as training to increase knowledge Bring business matching, etc.
Recently, one of the projects to help develop SME Bank has joined forces with customers in tourism and related businesses to create an E-Book “Good for SMEs all over Thailand” aiming to help SMEs in tourism business. and related, increase revenue, expand the market, create opportunities to add new trading channels, and help promote products or services to be well known and reach a wide target audience; Support open country After the Covid-19 situation has eased
Within this E-Book, collecting products and services of 100 customers in tourism and related businesses, guaranteeing excellent quality and standards. Whether it is a business of hotels, resorts, restaurants, souvenirs, etc., which are ready to give special promotions, including “travel-eat-rest-shopping” to please important customers, such as special discounts of up to 50% of rooms and free delivery services nationwide, etc.
You can download the E-Book “Good Good for SMEs All Over Thailand” for free by scanning the QR Code in the public relations poster. Or the website of the Bank of Thailand (https://www.smebank.co.th/) for more information Call Center 1357

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