SME Bank is pleased with the bustling SME D Market, happy sellers, happy buyers, shopping, distribution of good products from the best SMEs throughout Thailand.

SME Bank is pleased with the “SME D Market” bustling!!
Happy sellers, happy buyers, shop and distribute good products from the best SMEs all over Thailand.

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank opens the “SME D Market” event for August 2022, with honor from Mr. Wachiraya Permphusri, Deputy Director of the State Enterprise Policy Office ( NESDB) and Mr. Mokul Posayapisit, Deputy Managing Director together with the executives of the Bank of Thailand participated in the opening ceremony

Organizing “SME D Market” is one of the development activities that the Bank of Thailand organizes on a monthly basis. Provide opportunities for 30-40 customers across the country at a time to switch and circulate to come out booths to sell products to the general public. without any charge at the area on the 1st floor of the SME Bank Tower

For this time, it was organized on 25-26 August 2022 by the atmosphere in the event. Full of enthusiasm, the seller is delighted because the products are selling well. It helps to increase income, expand the market, and the buyers are happy because they have bought good products from the best SMEs across the country, gathered in one place.

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