SME bank is worried about SME entrepreneurs experiencing flooding, pushing 2 urgent measures, restoring 6 months of debt, and adding special low interest capital to rehabilitate businesses.


SME bank cares for customers, SMEs and SME entrepreneurs in the north and northeast, affected by flooding, with 2 urgent measures, 6-month suspension for loans and a special interest rate of 0.415% per month. Revitalize business Facilitate loan submission through the SME D Bank application anytime, anywhere


Due to flooding, heavy rains, sudden floods As a result, SMEs in many provinces in the north, northeast and central areas have been damaged and encountered direct and indirect problems in business operations. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank is extremely concerned and therefore has issued 2 urgent measures to help bank customers affected by this disaster, namely


1. Debt relief measures For term loans, the principal and interest are suspended for a period of no more than 6 months, while the Promissory Note (P / N) promulgated for a period of not more than 6 months.


And 2. Emergency credit limit measures for business rehabilitation In order for the damaged bank customers to have funds to rehabilitate and circulate the business Which has a maximum loan period of not more than 5 years, grace period for repayment of grace (not over 1 year) with interest rate of 0.415% per month throughout the contract period The maximum credit limit per customer is as follows: 1. Debtors with a total approved credit limit of not more than 1 million baht, a credit limit of not more than 500,000 baht. 2. The debtors with a total approved credit limit of more than 1 million baht but not exceeding 5 million baht. 1 million baht, and 3. Debtors with a credit line of more than 5 million baht are allowed to borrow a maximum of 2 million baht, including the original credit line not over 15 million baht. The way it was before And able to use TCG’s collateral to guarantee only measures that are not more than 2 million baht.


In addition, for SMEs that need capital to enhance their business potential after the disaster has passed The bank has prepared a special interest rate loan to support For investment, expansion, and revolving operations, such as Local Economy Loan, covering agricultural processing groups. Tourism Business / Community Tourism New entrepreneurs have innovations in wholesale, retail, grocery stores, community stores, blue flag shops, agricultural products traders, etc. Special interest rates are charged. Individuals in the first 3 years carry interest rates of 0.417% per month or about 5% per year and “Juristic person” charges special interest rates for the first 3 years to just 0.25% per month or 3% per year


You can apply for a loan through the ‘SME D Bank’ application 24 hours a day, 7 of which then the bank officer contact you back. To make an appointment to meet And see empirical data on actual business operations Helps to consider the loan quickly.


In addition, ordered the branch staff in the area to be affected by the flooding. Visited and surveyed the damage for immediate help and opened a call center number 1357 to be notified for help. Therefore, SMEs affected by this disaster are confident that they will receive Help from SME Bank thoroughly and instantly.


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