SME Bank join s with The Social Security Office returns the profits of the Social Security system. 3 percent interest rate subsidized loan expansion.


SME Bank Joins Hands with SSI to Promote “Credit for Employment Promotion” THB 1,000 Million to Support SMEs in Social Security The source of capital to expand business. Employment promotion Special interest rate 3% per annum for the first 3 years Loan amount 5-15 million baht Expected 200 businesses benefit



Mr. Mongkol Leeltham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) said that the Bank together with the Social Security Office (SSO) conducted a “Credit Facility for Employment Promotion” totaling 1,000 million baht. Supporting SMEs Both individuals and juristic persons registered social security. Contribute to the Social Security Fund for at least 3 months and maintain the number of insured not less than 80% of the insured. The source of interest. Investment to expand business. Employment promotion The working capital increase productivity and liquidity in the business. This will allow us to have sufficient working capital to support orders from the end of this year (2018) and to expand our business to support the expected economic growth in the coming year (2019)


Hence, The maximum loan term of 7 years is 1-3% pa and the 4-7 year MLR + 0.5% per annum. Use collateral to land. building Or land with buildings Bank Loan amount ranging from 5 million baht to 15 million baht. Project duration by December 31, 2019, or until the total credit limit of the project. Whichever time period will be before.


Employment Credit Scheme Caused by the Social Security Office To offer special privileges to SMEs in the system of the SAO has a special low interest. Investment to expand business. Employment support SME Development Bank has been assigned to provide loans. It is expected that the SME in the system of the SAO will benefit not less than 200 enterprises to promote employment of more than 10,000 people, “said Mongkol.






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