SME Bank joins forces with tourism associations to hold SMEs to revitalize SME D Services business to reach low-interest loans without the need for collateral.

SME Bank joins forces with tourism associations to hold SMEs to revive business
Arrange “SME D Services” to bring to low-interest loans without the need for collateral.

SME D Bank cooperates with various tourism sector associations. Implementation of the “SME D Services” project to support SME tourism services. “Small Cash Extra Cash” with low interest, no need for collateral To supplement liquidity to rehabilitate the business, starting this May 25

Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand  or SME D Bank revealed that the SME Bank together with entrepreneurs from associations related to tourism businesses such as the Association of Transport Operators all over Thailand Thai Restaurant Association Thai Tourism Marketing Association Buses Association Provincial Tourism Business Association of Thailand The Thai Tourism Service Association, the Hotel Association and the Tourism Industry Association of Thailand, etc. support the members of each association. Which are all SMEs, tourism businesses spread throughout the country Access to special interest loans And does not require collateral in the “Extra Cash Small Loan” project, which the bank has been assigned by the government to lend to SMEs Tourism To be used as working capital to increase liquidity Can continue to operate as a business rehabilitation capital after the Covid-19 situation has improved.

This cooperation, SME Bank and various tourism business associations Will be implemented under the “SME D Services” program, with each of the tourism associations helping to present qualified members who have the required funds to the bank. This helps reduce the use of documents. And able to facilitate loans more easily

Initially, the “SME D Services” project is scheduled to take place no. 1 in Bangkok and the metropolitan area on May 25 at the SME D Bank headquarters, with members from the Association of Transportation Operators throughout Thailand. Thai Restaurant Association Thai Tourism Marketing Association And the non-public bus association The number of associations of about 20 businesses meets directly with bank officials. Any person who has qualifications and documents are ready to enter the credit approval process immediately. For those who do not have any qualifications, the Bank will help to promote and develop to gain access to funding.

In this regard, the “SME D Services” project will be organized gradually with various tourism associations. In areas around the country Especially in provinces with many SMEs in tourism such as Chiang Mai, Phuket, etc. At the same time, the bank will work proactively Send branch staff nationwide to meet with representatives from the various tour operators closely with this process. Will help to access the loan conveniently and thoroughly

For small cash loans, Extra Cash gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to register “juristic persons” with incomes of not more than 30 million baht per year in 5 tourism businesses, namely 1. Tour Business Tour company 2. Spa business 3. Related transportation business (tour bus, bus, van, taxi, tour boat, car rental) 4. Hotel, room, and 5. Restaurant with payment periods up to 5 years with low interest rates Special during the first 2 years, 3% per year and 3-5 years, MLR + 1% per year, maximum credit limit of 3 million baht per customer And most importantly, does not require collateral

In addition, general tourism operators who are not members of the above associations are able to request an extra cash loan through an online loan application, available in various channels, such as LINE Official Account: SME Development Bank. , The bank’s website (www.smebank.co.th) and through the application “SME D Bank” can be downloaded for both IOS and Android systems, etc. After logging in Just fill in the basic details and the bank branch staff will contact you. To proceed to the next step For more information, please contact Call Center 1357.

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