SME Bank joins PSU, attaches to rubber business wings Support to add value to the global market with the SME- D Scale up Rubber Innovation course

Today (July 17, 2018) there was an opening ceremony of the SME- D Scaleup Rubber Innovation course project, attached to the rubber business wing with innovation. Organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) together with Prince of Songkla University (PSU) by the Rubber Innovation Research and Development Institute to drive the mission to support entrepreneurs and operate in accordance with the government’s policy to increase the value of rubber by creating new entrepreneurs through an efficient incubation process. including promoting SMEs and Startup entrepreneurs to be able to upgrade their capabilities in technology, marketing and management.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director of the Bank of Thailand, said that the Bank has a policy to drive the economy through the development guidelines for entrepreneurs in startups and SMEs 3 groups, which the said plans have been initiated since 2017 in The SME-D Scaleup project extends to SMEs and Startup businesses, focusing on innovation and technology startups. which was highly successful Nearly 600 applicants have joined the program and 56 have been selected to attend the digital marketing tools intensive course, which is the first course ever in Thailand that offers knowledge plus low-interest capital to grow your business through credit. From the SME Development Fund according to the civil state line, interest 1% and SME Transformation Loan interest 3%, and at the beginning of 2018, the bank organized a seminar to transform a house into a boutique hotel. Focusing on community tourism and related businesses according to the changing trends of the country where the main income comes from tourism growing. By leading speakers, the country’s guru, giving lectures aimed at all over 25 provinces. Now, 20 provinces have been operated. It appears that the response has been very good. There are more than 3,000 people interested in attending the seminar and wishing to apply for low-interest loans from banks for more than 400 cases with a credit line of almost 1,000 million baht to expand the business business and working capital

Recently, the SME- D Scale Up course was organized, attached to the rubber business wing with innovations, SME Bank, to take care of the processed agricultural group. in collaboration with Prince of Songkla University By opening applications from 18 May-18 June 2018, it appears that there are more than 100 rubber business entrepreneurs interested in applying for more than 100 businesses across the country. and select those who qualify for the remaining 51 businesses, which are entrepreneurs who come from a variety of rubber processing businesses, such as mattresses, rubber pillows Rubber coated gloves, bags, shoes, driver’s back cushion automotive industry parts prayer mat Rubber shoe soles, furniture, toys and home decorations, molds, and medical devices, etc. The group has the potential to develop businesses with innovations to strengthen them in order to further expand their business to commercialization.

The course “Scaleup Rubber Innovation Adheres to the Para Rubber Business Wing with Innovation” is a course on creating ideas for the production of innovative rubber products. by focusing on sharing knowledge and experience from industry experts Enhanced with product communication skills account management process intellectual property to rubber products that can actually enter the market through an innovative process thinking process including the opportunity to access funding sources For the sustainable success of the business, which will be held 21 sub-courses within 3 camps during July-September 2018, 3 months duration: Networking and Inspiration, Rubber Innovation and Technology, Intellectual Property (IP), Accounting and Marketing, Systematic Innovative Thinking, Communication Skill, Pitching Activities, Field Trips on Rubber throughout the Value Chain And there will be a mentor to give advice in the form of Coaching after the training during October-November 2018 for a period of 2 months, so that entrepreneurs can take the training results seriously. It is expected that this project will be a transformation of the rubber industry with the opportunity to bring benefits, elevating the revenue from the low price of raw rubber to the processing to create added value to the market.

within the country and the ability to compete in the world market by exporting in the form of rubber products instead of exporting in the form of raw materials, which will bring good results back to the overall economy of the country By this course to achieve the use of para rubber in the country can increase the value 4 -10 times with every 1% increase in use. Can create an increase in the Thai economy by 15 billion baht and in accordance with the government’s policy that aims to reduce the rubber planting ground and return to create added value from rubber processing instead

In addition, the Bank of Thailand will provide low-interest financing, such as the Boss 4.0 loan with the lowest interest rate of only 1% for 7 years, free from the first 3 years of repayment, and the star economy loan with a low interest of 3% with training participants. that has the potential to process rubber products into the market for building and expanding business, including promoting marketing so that products can grow sustainably

Assoc. Prof. Azizan Gasman, Director of the Rubber Research and Development Institute Prince of Songkla University said that creating rubber business entrepreneurs through innovation is a project that the university attaches great importance to. in line with the mission since the university’s inception which rubber is an important artery in the south and the country at present involved a large number of farmers and rubber entrepreneurs Supporting and driving the rubber business to grow is a sustainable approach to solving the para rubber problem. Prince of Songkla University and the network are ready for research. Personnel expertise and the strength of allied agencies In implementing this project to develop and strengthen rubber business operators to compete in the world market.

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