SME Bank moves forward to the 55th year, pushing for the Dare project to go ahead with the wing wing of SMEs to turn the crisis, create opportunities to rise up to the stars.


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME Development Bank, said information from many agencies that predict the economy by evaluating 10 types of businesses that, if not elevated, will change the risk of being affected by changing consumer behavior. Whether it is a financial institution business Business of producing and selling or renting CD-DVD, rubber group – rubber and oil palm products Traditional retail business .Basic telephone business wooden furniture Textile-leather industry Digital TV Business – Cable TV – Print Media And network of department stores etc. However, even though such businesses may be assessed as having risks but in the view of the SME Development Bank, there is a chance that If the entrepreneurs in the business group mentioned Can raise And adaptable Will have the opportunity to return to a potential business that can compete And grow sustainably


Therefore, on the occasion of the Bank of Thailand working together with SMEs, Thai entrepreneurs step into the 55th year on December 20, 2018, thus announcing an important mission as a financial institution. To raise the level of Thai SMEs that still operate traditional businesses to become a star SMEs including creating opportunities for those who want to start a new business To grow with strength and sustainability Under the “Dare D” project, elevated through 3D code, including D-Development Develop business with capital knowledge D-Digital provides services through modern technology. And D-Delivery Service to local quickly .Ready to change yourself, “Change, get up, move forward” This approach is consistent with the Cabinet resolution (Cabinet) on 18 December 2018, emphasizing special measures driving SMEs to the 4.0 era.


“SME Bank gives importance to bringing Thai entrepreneurs into the digital road. Using technology to increase business efficiency helps to overcome the traditional business limits. For example, traditional retail businesses or grocery stores that are modern convenience stores compete for market. If using e-commerce technology to upgrade the store to be a community distribution center, directly to the consumer, will help to open a new market. Therefore, the mission that SME Bank is determined to support for traditional SMEs to upgrade themselves. ” Mr Mongkol said


For the support model, the program will bring “SME D Scale Up, Capital Knowledge” to elevate the business by focusing on development, such as adding knowledge to the community business, using online media, pinning the birth of e-commerce market. Supporting public relations through digital media ,modern style packaging product development Develop product quality until certified by reliable agencies both in Thailand and abroad and together with department stores, arranging product sales areas, etc. All are under close supervision and guidance from professional mentors such as Prince of Songkla University. Take care of rubber entrepreneurs Bangkok University oversees SMEs-Startup, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi The developer of the model, model concept, business change, etc.


“Kla D Project will draw all network partners from both the public and private sectors. Educational institutions with specific knowledge and expertise to join in developing potential targets including those wishing to have their own business have the opportunity to return to build a business in their hometown area. Around industrial estates and special economic zones which will help strengthen the regional economy In line with the government’s policy that wants to create a country economy to grow with local people, “said Managing Director, SME Bank.


In addition, when passing the knowledge replenishment program The Bank prepares special interest loans to support the expansion of businesses that have joined the project, such as the Local Economy Loan of 30,000 million baht. Covering the entire agricultural processing group Tourism / community business New entrepreneurs with innovation Wholesale retail group (Grocery / community shop / Thong Fa shop) Agricultural products traders and entrepreneurs outside the system that are self-employed, both whether they are online trading, food truck, taxi driver, motorcycle taxi Mom sellers in the fresh market etc. Special interest rate Individuals 1-3 years, only 0.42% per month, and when upgrading to become a juristic person Prepare a single account with a lower interest rate of 1-3 years, only 0.25% per month.


Moreover, for businesses that are likely to grow in 2019, such as health spa business. Digital content production business Data analyst Software Developer – Application Design Selling products online Logistics management business etc. SME Bank leverages work through the platform ‘SME D Bank’, an application that SMEs can apply for a loan at any time, every place under the 24×7 code means 24 hours a day, 7 days .Working in tandem with the mobile car service unit to fill the capital, promote Thai SMEs to be quick to the place when the operator submits the loan application online, then within 3 days .The bank staff contacted To make an appointment for the horse car unit to fill the capital to meet to see the empirical data for real business operations Can know the results of the credit consideration in 7 days. Meanwhile, bank employees Working under code 8-8-7 means 8 am to 8 pm (8: 00-20: 00 hrs.) For 7 days and adding further support courses to those interested in applying for the “Dare D” project of the bank. The project will be opened soon.


For entrepreneurs who are interested in participating in the “Dare D” project, apply or register via https://goo.gl/mt15HK. Henceforth Or download the application “SME D Bank” to study details, credit information or knowledge on technology and innovation Or contact the Department of Entrepreneurship Development Activity Tel. 081-480-7594


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