SME Bank opens the door to support Thai processed agricultural products, expands the market of the dragon market. Piloting a purchase of 16,000 tons of income distributed to small farmers over 2,000 minus


TSTC and the Federation of Thai Industries, push Thai SMEs to spread their wings to the dragon market successfully through the SME D Bank Business Matching project. Purchase more than 16,000 tons of processed agricultural products in Thailand. Distribution of income to the Thai agricultural sector is over 2,000 million baht.

Today (26 April) has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOU) for cooperation with the agency agreement between Thai Hua Chue Group Company Limited (Thai Hao Chue Group Co., Ltd.) from Thailand with Shenzhen Company. Nsong Thong Modern Supply Management Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Zhongtong Modern Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.) from the People’s Republic of China By the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank to congratulate And the Department of International Trade Promotion Ministry of Commerce Witnessed at the ceremony

Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, said that the bank’s mission is to increase knowledge of capital partners. Ready to support entrepreneurs to expand market channels With the potential to export to a variety of countries Both online and offline, one of them is the SME D Bank Business Matching project. The Bank, in conjunction with the Thai Business Opportunity Center for Thailand or China Smart TradeCenter (TSTC) and the Federation of Thai Industries, has been held twice in 2018 and 2562 Leading entrepreneurs Thai SMEs go to negotiate a business match with Chinese buyers directly in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China, which is a market with tremendous purchasing power and more importantly, local buyers love and accept the quality of Thai products very much.




One of the Thai SMEs entrepreneurs who participated in the project last year (2018) is Tai Hao Chue Group Company Limited (Thai Hao Chue Group Co., Ltd.). Thai tropical city and freeze fruit processing Food products and souvenirs meet and negotiate Chinese business and have a successful business partnership with Shenzhen Song Thong Modern Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., which is a company. Which operates the largest logistics (logistics) business in the People’s Republic of China with a contract to purchase Thai fruit products, especially durian Mango and cashew For distribution in the Chinese market for 8 years, the purchase amount is as high as 2,000 tons per year, or a total of over 16,000 tons throughout the 8-year contract. Total 8 years worth over 2,000 million baht

“Benefits arising from this partnership In addition to the additional income Importantly, it also extends benefits to Thai farmers. Since Tai Hua Chue Group Company Limited will purchase fruits directly from growers. At a fair price to be processed to help solve the problems of farmers being pushed to buy And agricultural products depressed, as well as help create jobs, generate income, distribute to communities In addition, Thai agricultural products are able to enter the international market which is accepted on the world stage, “said Mr. Phongchan Sermsuk.

However, the bank is ready to support additional funds to be used for circulation. Through the “Local Economy Loan” project to support special interest rates Installment for up to 7 years. Individuals for the first 3 years, only 0.42% per month, year 4-7, interest rate MLR per year. The interest rate will be reduced by another 3 years, only 0.25% per month, year 4-7, interest rate MLR per year.

Ms. Thansiri Saetong, President of Tai Hua Chue Group Company Limited, revealed that the products of the company under the brand “Tai Hua Chue” are considered one OTOP products or Thailand famous OTOP products. Each product through research, development, production, export standards

“The beginning of the company saw the potential of Thai farmers products. There is a unique and unique taste, but in the past, Thai agricultural products have faced fluctuating prices. Some seasonal products are in short supply. Some seasonal oversupply Thai farmers have suffered. While China is large And many people, including Chinese people, like to visit Thailand a lot But Thai agricultural products have not yet made a serious Chinese market. Tai Hua Chue therefore saw the opportunity to transform Durian, Thongthong, to be processed through freeze technology. Can maintain good quality like eating fresh by giving Chinese tourists a free tasting Tens of thousands per day Until the end, everyone bought back the country as souvenirs for family and friends Therefore causing more Chinese people to eat and buy more durian, Thongthong, “Ms. Thanyasiri Told about the business beginning more than 10 years ago.




The management of Tai Hua Chue Group Company Limited revealed that in the past, Chinese people still do not know much about durian. But after Tai Huachue distributed free durian to taste, Chinese people knew extensively about durian and had a good attitude towards Thai durian. Making all products that come from durian sold well in China. In addition, the company continues to develop many new products such as dried mangoes, pineapples, and dried fruits. Khanun Thong Prasert, crispy Dried crocodile meat, black pepper flavor Dried crocodile meat Coconut meat, crispy perfumes Cashew Coconut Flavor Cashew nut, durian flavor Durian candy Grilled seaweed stuffed with durian, golden mint, crispy toffee, antique and finished bird’s nest drinks etc.

In addition, the company is the only factory that has received a production license. “Black Crocodile Meat” brand “Tai Hua Chue” issued by the Food Safety Control Unit of Thailand Receive industry standards and receive support from the Department of International Trade Promotion By doing international marketing Both in Europe, such as Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the Americas, such as the United States, Canada and Asian countries such as the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China etc.



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