SME Bank warns SME to stop believing those who pretend to help through the exchange of commissions Declaration and prosecute for wrongdoing

SME Bank warns SMEs entrepreneurs across the country .Do not believe that someone pretending to be a convenience agent approves the loan through Redeem rewards for commissions. Do not grant any rights to be a representative And there is no charge for any extra charges, and the prosecution and the person involved are strictly prohibited.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, ( President), Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME Development Bank said the SME Bank sending mobile service units “Carriages to fill the capital to promote Thai SMEs to reach the destination” Entering the area to offer loans, interest is starting at only 1% per year to SMEs entrepreneurs across the country which has received attention from entrepreneurs to access the service highly .At the present in many areas, there is a case of someone pretending to be a bank broker. Can help facilitate the course credit

However, the bank would like to warn to all SMEs entrepreneurs. Please do not believe the impersonation of the person with the above behavior. And the bank confirms that The Bank does not give any rights to anyone acting as an agent or broker by considering various loans Is transparent in accordance with the rules of the bank and the bank does not charge any expenses In addition to fees and analysis fees, according to bank regulations only. And if any entrepreneur Meet people who have behaviors impersonating as agents to receive benefits. Or even bank employees Get involved Or related Including being aware of such actions Ask the operator to report the information. Clues can be found at Call Center 1357 So that the bank will take legal action against those who have such behavior including checking the facts that the employees of the bank are involved in the real connection. The bank will immediately punish with heavy .

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