SME Bank with people who have faith Participate in making merit, Kathin ceremony, year 2022, restoration, repair – construction of a mondop enshrining the Jade Buddha, Pa Ban Yang Temple, Surin Province

SME Bank with people who have faith Participate in the merit-making Kathin Ceremony 2022
Restoration and construction of a mandapa enshrining the Jade Buddha at Wat Pa Ban Yang, Surin Province

Mrs. Chanisa Chutipat Director of the Bank Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat, Managing Director, executives and employees of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank, as well as the faithful people. Join to donate four factors to make merit. And co-host the 2022 Kathin Ceremony Ceremony for the restoration and repair of the sermon hall, napanasathan (criminal) and for the construction of the Mondop enshrined Buddha Rattana Manee Sri Surin (Phra Yok) for Wat Pa Ban Yang (Branch 1), including scholarships And sports equipment for students in the Surin area, consisting of Ban Yang School (Sarakitrat Wittaya) Prasat Wittayakorn School and Wat Suwanwichit School

In addition, executives and employees of SME Development Bank also jointly carry out social and environmental responsibility (CSR) activities by cleaning around the temple area. to preserve religion It is regarded as inheriting a good tradition that has existed since ancient times. causing the stability of Buddhism to develop permanently Including supporting the temple to be a learning center for the Dharma discipline. Is a center for people to organize ceremonies on various important days in Buddhism. Held at Wat Pa Ban Yang (Branch 1), Surin Province on November 6, 2022.

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