SME D Bank attended a special lecture LFC Livelihood Foundation, Generation 12, raises the way to fund development partners Support Thai SMEs to grow sustainably

SME D Bank attended a special lecture LFC Youth Foundation, Class 12
Raise the way to add capital to develop Support Thai SMEs to grow sustainably

Mr. Mokul Posayapisit, Deputy Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank has been honored by “The Foundation” is a special speaker. Leadership For Change (LFC) Class 12, titled “Policy to promote small people to grow SME Fast Track” to pass on experiences to participants to learn, understand and put them into practice. by introducing the role of SME D Bank as a bank for Thai SMEs which supports Thai SMEs entrepreneurs through the “finance” aspect, which has credit products covering all business groups, coupled with the “development” aspect, uplifting Thai SMEs through various activities such as seminars to increase knowledge, increase skills, build product value expand new market channels and bringing business matching, etc. This approach will help drive Thai SMEs entrepreneurs to grow strong and sustainably at Rama Gardens Hotel, Bangkok on April 3, 2022.


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