SME D Bank breaks down in the area to encourage the entrepreneurs under the flood crisis, 2 measures to recover business Open online channel receive 24 hours


Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that today (Jan 6).The Bank follows the policy of Mr. Uttam Sawangnoon, Minister of Industry. Who ordered the agency Integrated assistance, rehabilitation, repair and create a South SME entrepreneur who is experiencing the “Pabuk” hurricane urgently. The Bank has rushed to the area of Pak Phanang District, Tha Sala District, Hua Sai District, Thung Song District, Sichon District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province to explore the damage As well as visiting the encouragement of the Southern SMEs entrepreneurs who are affected by the storm of Pabuk, including the introduction of 2 urgent measures to help restore the business of the Bank of Thailand and the Ministry of Industry, including 1. Debt settlement measures For periodic loans Suspension of principal and interest 6 months As for the revolving loan agreement, promissory note type 6 months interest payment and 2. Emergency credit limit measures for business rehabilitation The maximum loan period is 5 years. The principal repayment is not more than 1 year. The interest rate is 0.415% per month throughout the contract period.




In addition, prepare special interest rate loans to enhance business potential such as loans to enhance the community economy. Individual 1-3 years, only 0.42% per month and juristic persons, interest rates 1-3 years, only 0.25% per month, and aging bank 4.0 (SMEs Development Fund according to the state line), fixed interest rate of 1% per year, etc. SME Bank leverages work through the platform ‘SME D Bank’, an application that SMEs can apply for a loan at any time, every place under the 24×7 code means 24 hours a day, 7 days .Working in tandem with the mobile car service unit to fill the capital, promote Thai SMEs to be quick to the place when the operator submits the loan application online, then within 3 days .The bank staff contacted To make an appointment for the horse car unit to fill the capital to meet to see the empirical data for real business operations Can know the results of the credit consideration in 7 days. Meanwhile, bank employees Working under code 8-8-7 means 8 am to 8 pm (8: 00-20: 00 hrs.) For 7 days


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