SME D Bank brings together an army to ‘add capital for development partners’ to join Money Expo BANGKOK, organizing a hot promotion! Cheap, fixed interest loans starting at 2.99% per year, plus cash back up to 5 thousand baht.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank provides services to answer the complete needs of Thai SMEs at the 24th Bangkok Money Expo (MONEY EXPO 2024 BANGKOK) between the 16th. -19 May 2024 at Challenger 2-3 IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, booth number L8 and K1, full promotion. “Top up capital for development” with loan products covering all business groups. The highlight is the SME Refinance loan, low interest rate, fixed at 2.99% per year for the first year, once refinanced. Can request additional loan Maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, can be used for investment, expansion, circulation, and liquidity enhancement. Easy installments for up to 15 years along with “development” promotions through the “DX by SME D Bank” platform (dx.smebank.co.th), gathering services and benefits from government agencies, private sectors, and educational institutions. Upgrade skills to enhance the potential of Thai SMEs into the digital age. Complete in one point

Don’t miss it! with special promotions For entrepreneurs who have never used loan services from SME D Bank before, when applying for a loan and receiving approval of 1 million baht or more, receive a Cash Back campaign of up to 5,000 baht. Also, for all small entrepreneurs who submit Apply for a loan “Jiw Sud Jao” when taking a business strengthening course through the “DX by SME D Bank” platform receives the right to reduce the project analysis fee (Front End Fee) by 1.0% of the approved amount. In addition, the booth also presents a fashion business. famous franchise Open the opportunity to negotiate trade for those who want to own a famous brand business. Whether it’s “Otteri Wash & Dry”, a complete laundry convenience store, “DOUBLE NOUR”, Somtam Ngern Lan, “Kari Kori”, a Japanese-style shaved ice shop, and “Cocoa Ai Ton”, a Cocoa shop with ideas for selling fun. There are also Fun activities to join and win many prizes. For more information, please contact Call Center 1357.


News announced on 10 May 2024

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