SME D Bank continues to drive national strategy Support SMEs to upgrade to the BCG Model by increasing the credit line of “BCG Loan” by ten billion keep interest rates low reduce the financial burden

SME D Bank moves forward with the national strategy Continuously upgrading SMEs to the BCG Model Increasing the credit line of “BCG Loan” with an additional 10,000 million baht with special privileges Apply for a loan and do a legal act within 30 Dec. 65. Get a fixed first-year interest rate of 3.99%, plus free project analysis fees. Help SMEs reduce their financial burden Along with the development service “SME D Coach”, free business consulting! Winged to the BCG Model

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that from the government’s national development strategy with the Bio-Circular Economy-Green Economy or BCG Model (Bio-Circular-Green Economy), with the highest priority being “National Agenda” with policies to all sectors carry out such strategies, so SME D Bank calls its policy by issuing products “Environmentally friendly business loan project” or “BCG Loan” with a credit line of 1,000 million baht in June 65, supporting SMEs have capital to upgrade to the “BCG Model” to drive sustainable business growth

The project was highly successful. The credit limit runs out quickly. This reflects that Thai SMEs are eager to upgrade to a new economy, so SME D Bank continues to support. by increasing the credit line of “BCG Loan” by another 10,000 million baht with special privileges Apply for a loan with approval and make a legal contract within 30 Dec. 65, receive a special interest rate for the first year, fixed at 3.99%, with a front end fee exemption and a grace period of up to 2 years. Allow SMEs to reduce the burden of installment payments. Able to manage business costs appropriately

“In a situation where the overall interest rate is likely to continue to rise, but since SME D Bank has a policy to support SMEs towards the BCG Model, the BCG Loan maintains a low interest rate. To help SMEs access credit at low financial costs, reduce their burden, be able to adapt and adopt the BCG Model to develop their business to achieve sustainable growth. and contribute to the overall economy, society and environment of the country as well,” added Ms. Nartnaree.

For “BCG Loan”, the maximum loan amount is 50 million baht per person. The repayment period is up to 12 years. It can be used for a full cycle such as investment, improvement, expansion or change of business operations. Circulating liquidity or refinance, etc.

In addition, SME D Bank has provided development services through the “SME D Coach” project, providing comprehensive business consulting from professional coaches. without any cost at all, helping to increase the potential of SMEs Sustainable growth according to the BCG Model

You can request for the BCG Model loan service through various channels such as the bank website. (www.smebank.co.th), LINE Official Account: SME Development Bank and SME D Bank branches nationwide, etc. For more information, Call Center 1357

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