SME D Bank delighted with the performance in the first half of the year “Fill up capital with development partner” hits the target! Confident throughout the year, bringing to the source of capital 70 billion baht, pushing money to spin in the economy 3.2 hundred thousand million baht.

SME D Bank is delighted with the results of the first half of the year 2023 hit the target! capitalization of SMEs over 32,000 million baht, driving cash flow in the economy over 147,000 million baht, helping to maintain more than 34,000 jobs, development partners to upgrade over 7,600 SMEs, indicated by efficient organizational management, supporting the first 6 months, retained profits of 309 million baht, while NPL dropped more than 20.88% with a special team set up to take care of weak customers closely prevent debt relegation Set a goal this year to bring SMEs to a source of capital of 70,000 million baht, creating more than 320,600 million baht of cash flow in the economy, maintaining employment of about 88,980 people.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank reveals the performance of the bank in the first half of the year 2023 (Jan.-Jun. 66) that it can support SMEs entrepreneurs to access the process. “Filling Capital with Development” has achieved the set goal, with “Filling Capital” bringing access to a total funding source of more than 32,000 million baht, creating benefits, helping to generate more than 147,000 million baht of cash flow in the Thai economy, maintaining employment for over 34,000 people. The credit support amounting to more than 4,000 million baht is bringing access to BCG Loan, encouraging entrepreneurs to upgrade their businesses to grow sustainably and environmentally friendly.

“Development”: Collaborate with alliances both in the public and private sectors. Increase the potential of entrepreneurs to grow in accordance with ESG guidelines through various projects such as business matching, increasing market channels, workshops on topics that are necessary and of interest to entrepreneurs such as online marketing, accounting systems, production standards, etc. More than 7,650 entrepreneurs participated and benefited.

While this year’s goal (2023) will drive entrepreneurs to access capital sources of more than 70,000 million baht, which is expected to generate more than 320,600 million baht of cash flow in the economy, maintaining employment of about 88,980 people, along with providing “development” services through the SME D Coach project with partner agencies. both public and private Helping to enhance the potential of more than 15,000 entrepreneurs.

However, from the management of the organization effectively. and products that meet the needs of entrepreneurs Delivered in the first half of the year, SME D Bank received various awards, guaranteeing outstanding performance, such as the “THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS 2023” award for excellence in the category of “SMART BUSINESS GROWTH AWARD” organized by Business+ magazine and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. As a smart growth organization with plans and strategies that are ready for sustainability according to evaluation criteria “Fair Finance Guide International” (Fair Finance Guide International or FFGI) by Fair Finance Thailand (Fair Finance Thailand) because it is a bank that has upgraded the organization to international standards. taking into account the stakeholders adhere to good corporate governance principles Along with taking care of society, the environment, human rights and good governance and the Money & Banking Awards 2023 from the cooperation of the Money & Banking Magazine and Suan Dusit Poll. Survey of people who access financial and investment services at the 23rd Money Expo and the region, where SME D Bank was selected as the bank with the best SME loan service in 2023.

For the performance of SME D Bank in the first 6 months of 2023, there was an accumulated net profit of about 309 million baht, an increase of 92 million baht, or an increase of about 42% compared to the same period last year (2022), while non-performing debt (NPL) decreased by 20.88% compared to the same period last year. This is because the Bank has efficient NPL management. follow up closely In parallel with the management of foreclosed assets (NPA) consistently, resulting in the current NPL in the system of only about 10.51% and by the end of this year, the remaining is expected to be no more than 9.50% according to the set target.

In addition, the bank has a way to manage and help vulnerable customers of about 30,000 million baht, of which the amount is really weak, about 2,000 million baht, which is the level that the bank can manage. Through the process of sending a “special team” consisting of an entrepreneur development team and a credit quality development team to closely monitor every weak customer. To give advice and provide sustainable assistance according to the guidelines of the Bank of Thailand (BOT), such as diagnosing business problems. Assess business potential To know the real problem Ready to take you into the process of adding knowledge in the areas that the business still lacks. coupled with helping to increase the channel to expand the market Generate additional income for customers Reduce the risk of becoming an NPL in the future

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