SME D Bank drives the Ministry of Industry policy to support SMEs to upgrade to green businesses with sustainable growth. Move forward with the Pracharath Fund ‘Global warming reduction loan’, credit limit 1,500 million baht, low interest rate 3% per year.

SME D Bank drives government policy by the Ministry of Industry Served as a unit to jointly implement the Decarbonize Loan project under the SME Development Fund in accordance with the Pracharath guidelines, with a limit of 1,500 million baht, supporting SME entrepreneurs to access funding sources with low interest rates of 3% per year. Maximum loan amount of 20 million baht can be used to upgrade and change your business to be green and environmentally friendly, leading to sustainable growth.

Dr. Natthaphon Rangsitphon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Chairman of the Board The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank said that the government through the Ministry of Industry gives the highest importance to solving the problem of global warming. By setting it up as the main policy “Economic Industry” that “grows sustainably with the community” in 4 dimensions at the same time: 1. Business success Transition to industrial economy 2. Well-being with society as a whole Promote collaboration among business establishments, communities, and society. 3. Harmony with international rules. Caring for the environment towards a green industry for business opportunities and 4. distribution of income to the community in which it is located, therefore, to drive such policy Therefore assigned SME D Bank to be a joint unit to carry out the global warming reduction loan project (Decarbonize Loan) under the SME Development Fund in line with the Pracharath principle, with a total credit limit of 1,500 million baht, supporting SME entrepreneurs to access financial resources. low interest capital Take it to the next level and change your business to be green, environmentally friendly and grow sustainably. Whether it is an improvement or invest in a business modify machinery or enhance liquidity in business operations according to the BCG Model guidelines (B:Bio Economy, biological economy, C:Circular Economy, circular economy, and G: Green Economy, green economy), which will help take care of the environment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as create benefits for society, community, environment, and world for the better

Highlights of the loan project Special low interest rate of only 3% per year for the first 3 years, MLR per year for the following years (MLR = 7.50%), minimum loan amount of 1 million baht to a maximum of not more than 20 million baht, installments for up to 7 years, collateral according to the criteria set by the fund. Qualifications for being an SME entrepreneur that has been in business for at least 3 years, operating as a manufacturer, providing services, retail and wholesale or business operators in the BCG industry group, sugarcane and sugar industry group or related businesses (Supply Chain) and other industrial groups that want to improve operations in caring for the environment through investment in machinery Building side Regarding the production process, such as modifying electrical equipment to save energy. or adjusting to using clean energy instead, etc.

SME entrepreneurs interested in applying for loan support You can register your establishment information at http://i.industry.go.th/ and apply for a loan at www.thaismefund.com Or ask for more information at Office of the SME Development Fund following the Pracharath guidelines Provincial Industrial Offices in all 76 provinces and SME D Bank branches nationwide

News announced on October 20, 2023

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