SME D Bank drives the policy of the Ministry of Industry, pushing Thailand to become a “Halal Hub”, joining forces with partners to create SMEs to raise the level of Halal products, pushing for investment expansion, penetrating the export market.

Mr. Mukul Posayapisit, Deputy Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank along with its executive team and officials Meeting with partner agencies  by Mr. Pitphiboon Teerchantuek, Director of the Institute of Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ISMED) and Mr. Supree Thongphet, Chairman of the Thai Small and Medium Enterprises Council. (SME Council) along with its members will work together to promote and support SME entrepreneurs to upgrade their products to meet Halal standards (Halal) in accordance with the policy of Ms. Pimpatra Wichaikul, Minister. Ministry of Industry who want to promote Thailand as a center for Halal food production in the region or “Halal Hub” to create benefits and expand investment. and expand the export market for Thai products abroad Especially Middle Eastern countries with high potential and purchasing power. Help drive the Thai economy to grow even more.


The guidelines for support There will be a parallel between finance and development. On the “financial” side, SME D Bank  is ready to take you to access to funding sources. To use for business development Through loan products covering all needs Special interest rate Maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, installments for up to 15 years, along with “Development”, working with partners, especially ISMED, to organize training activities to create Halal standards. Along with business advisory services by professional coaches from SME D Bank through the SME D Coach project, etc., a meeting was held at the conference room on the 14th floor of the SME Bank Tower building recently.

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