SME D Bank goes up north to encourage 3 branches ‘Chiang Mai-Lamphun-Lampang’   Visit customer businesses. ‘Add capital for development partners’ to raise the level of business Strengthen business growth

Miss Narthanaree Rattapat, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank along with the executive team Went to the northern region and visited 3 branches: Chiang Mai branch, Lamphun branch, and Lampang branch to build morale and provide policies and operational guidelines. Support local SME entrepreneurs Move your business forward to success through the process “Top up capital for development” in finance with loan products covering all business groups Special interest rate Maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, installments for 15 years and no principal payments for up to 24 months, plus receive cash back up to 60,000 baht along with development. Promote marketing Organize training activities Seminar to add knowledge Keep up with the changes

At the same time, he visited the businesses of 3 bank customers who received support. “Top up capital for development” to elevate the business to success, including Gold Milk Company Limited, producer and distributor of pasteurized and UHT ready-to-drink milk. The first and largest milk production from world-class Guernsey dairy cows in Thailand. By elevating the dairy farm to a new landmark as a coffee shop for nature lovers under the brand “Gold Milk Guernsey” Limited Partnership. Thawat Machine Tech, Lamphun Province, operator of a lathe shop producing machine parts. and a factory producing international standard hygienic masks Sold through convenience stores to meet the needs of the people and Charoen Saeng Company Limited, Lampang Province, producer and distributor of processed products from Jamchuri wood. Created into household appliances such as cups, trays, bow bowls, etc., sold through   Domestic Trading and recently exported to sell abroad in the northern region.

News announced on 13 November 2023


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