SME D Bank, in cooperation with Bangkok University, develops tea, coffee and local fabrics, holds the project “SME-D Scaleup Local Economy to upgrade SMEs community products and startup to the global market“ to win prizes totaling over 80,000 baht


Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting as Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank said that SME Bank, in collaboration with Bangkok University, organized the project “SME-D Scaleup Local Economy to raise the level of SMEs and startup products to the global market” A group of tea, coffee and local fabrics “to have knowledge in creating business growth strategies And create opportunities and investment channels for business expansion in the extension of ideas To create a sustainable model By reforming the old business into doing business in the digital age In line with the development of the country by changing the economic structure to Thailand 4.0 or the economy driven by innovation The format of the training will focus on the course to develop the potential of entrepreneurs in various fields and have a pitching to win a prize of 80,000 baht.

For such projects Caused by the concept that Thailand has a rapidly expanding coffee consumer market and personnel in the Thai coffee industry have the potential and readiness to develop Thailand to be a world-class coffee maker. At the same time, Thai tea products are outstanding. From the export statistics of 2017 Thailand is the fourth largest tea exporter in the world after Canada, the United States and China. If farmers and Thai entrepreneurs can increase the value and develop products to meet the standards accepted by consumers, there will be more trade opportunities. While the local fabric of Thailand Famous for being recognized around the world. Should be worthy of cultural heritage Thai local wisdom to be evident and create more value




The project will open to recruit SMEs / Startup entrepreneurs who are natural persons and juristic persons in the group of coffee, tea and local fabrics throughout the country with local identity. Or geographical indication Or Geographical Indication (GI) Attend training seminars in courses to increase entrepreneurial potential. The training consists of 4 main aspects: 1. Entrepreneurs will focus on the entrepreneurial thinking process. Innovation and creativity Business model and planning 2. digital marketing for entrepreneurs Will point out new marketing channels Integrated channel strategy for digital advertising And having a digital system workshop with business planning 3. Creating standards for products For entering the industry according to GAP, COC, GMP / HACCP and 4. standards for Design for Branding, focusing on changing product designs to match the era Strategic planning for brand building Including Workshop Design consultancy and product appearance modification to suit brand building by leading speakers and expert speakers Which will open for students to participate in the project development with entrepreneurs, with emphasis on learning into the classroom that receives real problems Take action In the Bootcamp training 3 days 2 nights between 31 May – 2 June 2019 at Maruay Hotel, Bangkok And there will be a specialist Site Visit to give advice and advice to entrepreneurs to delve into problems and ways to develop the business to the success of the business.

For those interested in participating in the free project, get a limited amount. The application is open today – 15 May 2019. You can fill out the application form at www.bu-sme-dscaleup.com Or for more information, call 064-596-1848, 087-578-0034,086-556-5050,098-584-8593 Or for more information, please contact the SME Development Activities Department, Tel. 02-265-3900, 02-265-3775 facebook: powersmethai and Line @: @ powersmethai


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