SME D Bank invests 10,000 million baht, launching ‘SME D Ready’ loan, high loan amount 50 million baht, easy installments for 15 years, ready to empower Thai SMEs to move forward with full force.

SME D Bank invests 10,000 million baht, launching ‘SME D Ready’ loans
High loan amount of 50 million baht, easy installments for 15 years, ready to fuel Thai SMEs moving forward with full force.

SME D Bank is full! Investing 10,000 million baht, launching a new loan “SME D Ready” to help increase the power to create readiness for Thai SMEs to resume their business at full speed. low interest rate Maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, easy installments for 15 years, ready to serve 4 more loans, total amount of more than 20,000 million baht, covering all SME business groups.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that from the trend of the Thai economy improving. especially in the tourism sector It has a positive effect on domestic consumption, returning to life, so SME D Bank, the Thai SME Development Bank. Ready to support SMEs to seize the opportunity to move forward with their full potential. With the launch of a new credit product “SME D Ready” with a credit line of 10,000 million baht, supporting entrepreneurs to have funds to be used to enhance business liquidity, invest, improve, expand, change the business. circulating to enhance liquidity, including being able to refinance from other financial institutions It can help reduce business costs as well. which will help generate cash flow in the economy of at least 40,000 million baht

The highlight of the SME D ready loan is “high loan amount, low interest, easy installments” covering the needs of all SME business groups, such as restaurant businesses, hotels, tourism-related businesses. ecommerce business and logistics, etc. The maximum loan amount is 50 million baht per person, open to borrowing for both individuals and juristic persons. Collateral according to the criteria set by the bank Interest rate starts at MLR-2.25% or about 4.5% per year (currently MLR is 6.75%). Comfortable installments up to 15 years. No principal payment up to 18 months. Open for loan applications from today until December 30, 2023.

“This year’s economic direction (2023) is expected to grow well. From the factor of the situation of COVID unfolding The number of foreign tourists has increased. Promote continuous growth in domestic consumption But there are still challenges from inflation. And interest rate trends, so SME D Bank provides “SME D ready loans” to help SMEs be ready! to move forward with business at full capacity with high credit limits, low interest rates and long installment periods of up to 15 years, allowing Thai SMEs Sufficient liquidity Able to plan and manage the business appropriately Seize the opportunity to move forward with the business according to the situation,” Ms. Nartnaree said.

In addition, SME D Bank has prepared other credit products with a total amount of more than 20,000 million baht to serve all needs of Thai SME entrepreneurs, whether it is “BCG Loan” to support businesses to upgrade to the BCG Model. Total 11,000 million baht, starting interest rate MLR-2.75% or about 4% per year, comfortable installments for up to 12 years, no principal repayment up to 24 months Total 4,000 million baht, starting interest rate MLR+1.0% or about 7.75% per year Approximately 5.5% per year, comfortable installment for up to 12 years, with no principal payment for up to 24 months, and “Factoring Loan” to enhance liquidity. Move forward without interruption The initial interest rate is MLR or approximately 6.75% per year.

At the same time, SME D Bank also supports “development” through the “SME D Coach” project with partner agencies. both public and private Providing consulting services and business advice from a team of knowledgeable professional coaches. Expertise both academic and practical experience Since wanting to start a new business or specialized in-depth advice Without any cost to help increase the potential of SME entrepreneurs. Raise the level to keep pace with the changes of the situation in a timely manner.

SME entrepreneurs can request to receive credit services “SME D Ready” and development work through various channels such as the website https://www.smebank.co.th/, LINE Official Account: SME Development Bank. etc., including SME D Bank branches nationwide or ask for more information at Call Center 1357

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