SME D Bank is delighted to support customers to invest in KTMS and ISTORE22 to expand into the Thai capital market. Raise the level of business to achieve international success.

SME D Bank wholeheartedly helps customers invest in ‘KTMS’ and ‘ISTORE22’
Spreading wings to invest in the Thai market Raise the level of business to achieve international success.

SME D Bank is delighted to support 2 partners to expand the wings of the Thai capital market, consisting of “KT Medical Service” Registered on the MAI market and “Storage Asia” registered Live X tonight to help raise the level of business operations. facial skin grows

Miss Nartnaree Ratthapat, please follow the following software developers and small-scale or SME D Bank to Mr. Chatri Wetsaranasuthi, followed by employees and bank officials to explain the scope of PP. M Advisory allows asset managers to The 2nd sub-fund congratulates 2 co-investment managers for listing in listed securities in the company KT Medical Services Co., Ltd. (Provided) or KTMS is listed on the MAI label (mai) and Storage Universe Public Company Limited or ISTORE22 is listed on the Live Exchange Exchange (LiVEx). at this point

The following mother Nathnaree helps support the “financial” aspect of SME D Bank, which is a form of credit and also supports SMEs. It will help the business to grow with full efficiency and move on towards sustainability. Remember to raise funds and get listed in the Thai capital market.

“For KTMS and ISTORE22, you will have to meet with the 3rd and 4th joint venture customers before SME D Bank helped until they were able to register in the remaining groups of SME D Bank. Thai e-commerce that has encouragement and helps Thai SME entrepreneurs to grow up to take risks with scriptures, ”Bannatnari said.

For KT Medical Service Company, allow (just in case) or KTMS as usual, the center provides dialysis services with hemodialysis machines. Requests for businesses that have a high chance of obtaining a license because Health Care is one of the 10 standards of the future (10 S-curves). Requests for the comeback team of KTMS experience and experience. in business for a long time by taking care of target groups and helping patients have a better quality of life

The Africa Rage Storage Scope (Provision) or ISTORE22 will request premium storage and quarter rental services to meet business needs directly. The following is limited Need a storage space to store personal information. Notice ISTORE22 is a location which is in the suburbs. women want to use the service Convenience with 24-hour assistance

This will help SME D Bank to promote SME entrepreneurs with venture capital modules through a pool of venture capital assets. and more than 30 direct investment banks, a total of approximately 820 (information from November 2022)

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