SME D Bank is delighted with the success of the “Advanced CMF” course to strengthen 20 SMEs and is ready to further enhance their business with franchises.

Miss Narthanaree Rattapat, Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank is the chairman of presenting certificates to 20 SME entrepreneurs who have passed the “Advanced CMF” course. Cooperation between SME D Bank and PMG Academy under PMG Corporation Company Limited, organized to increase the potential of SME entrepreneurs who already have a franchise system or who want to expand their business with a franchise system. s To be able to raise the level of business development to grow even further, including ready to access capital sources to expand the business with franchises. with Miss Narinthip Wiriyabanditkul, Director of PMG Academy and a team of lecturers Attended the ceremony held at the Co Working Space, 1st floor, SME Bank Tower, recently.

SME D Bank responds to government policy. Aiming to support increasing the number of new entrepreneurs entering the Thai economy through the creation of franchises. Along with promoting franchisors to raise standards. By organizing continuous development programs such as legal, tax, accounting, and environmentally friendly workplace standards, etc., as well as providing product services. “Franchise loans” are available to support entrepreneurs to use to invest in further expanding their franchise businesses.

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