SME D Bank is open to SMEs. Participate in business development activities with BCG Model innovation for free! in-depth tutoring face to face drive sustainable growth Ready to access a funding source of 50 million baht.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank moves forward with the bank’s mission for development. Encouraging SME entrepreneurs to raise their business towards sustainability with the BCG Model approach, in collaboration with King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTT) organized an activity “Developing SMEs Entrepreneurs towards Business Innovation in accordance with the BCG Model”. (Innovation Business to BCG Model) through 3 steps, consisting of Step 1. Grooming online, recruiting 500 SME entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their business with the BCG Model approach. online in concept management course Create a business strategy to win customers’ hearts. and earn sustainable profits The training was divided into 5 batches, approximately 100 cases per class, between August and September 2023. Step 2. Biz Clinic Online selects cases that are ready and suitable from 500 cases to 50 cases for specialists from KMUTNB to visit the workplace. action All 50 cases will receive in-depth advice and specific action plans from experts to further enhance their business with innovations according to the BCG Model. such as product and packaging design. power management improvement of production processes according to BCG guidelines, etc.

In addition, all entrepreneurs who apply to participate in the event will be served “Fill up capital with a partner” from SME D Bank to help prepare access to capital sources through “BCG Loan”, a maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, a maximum installment period of 15 years, an initial interest rate of 4.75% per year (MLR -2.75%) can be used. Both investing, improving, expanding, changing businesses, including Refinance, helping to elevate the business to sustainability according to the BCG Model guideline, along with continuous development through the “SME D Coach” project.

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in the event “Developing SMEs Entrepreneurs towards Business Innovation According to the BCG Model” Apply for free from now until September 10, 2023. For more information, please contact SME D Bank Development and Support Department Tel. 02-265-4978 and 02-265-3192 or Call Center 1357

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