SME D Bank joins forces to organize a ‘Debt solving festival for Thai SMEs’, offering special privileges of ‘3 reductions, debt relief’ to help entrepreneurs revive their businesses.


SME D Bank, bank for Thai SMEs Respond to government and BoT policies. Solve business debt problems for SMEs sustainably.  Announcement of the “Debt Resolution Fair for Thai SMEs” covering the entire country. Chu completely solves all problems. Highlights include special privileges “3 reductions, debt relief” to help relieve burdens, create opportunities to revive businesses, starting in Phetchaburi province on 13-14 May.



Mr. Prasit Veerasilp, Acting Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that SME D Bank, a state-run specialized financial institution. Responds to the government’s policy to “solve household and SME business debt problems” and drives responsible and fair lending measures (Responsible Lending) of the Bank of Thailand (BoT) to help SME entrepreneurs. Fragile ME group By organizing a major important project “Debt solving festival for Thai SMEs” travels throughout the country. Providing assistance to vulnerable SME entrepreneurs to resolve their debts sustainably. Ready to create opportunities to recover and move forward with the business again.



Entrepreneurs participating in the said fair You will receive assistance in solving your debt problems closely and comprehensively. From receiving advice and suggesting ways to solve debt problems in a sustainable way, with highlights: Receive special privileges “3 reductions, get rid of debt” to help alleviate the burden, including: 1. Reduce default interest rates. Remaining at a level not exceeding MLR (currently the MLR interest rate is 7.50% per year) 2. Reduce installment payments, remaining to pay as much as you can afford and 3. Reduce outstanding interest. When paying according to the bank’s conditions or closing the account, all accrued interest will be reduced by 100%. In addition, you will also receive the right to participate in the business potential development program through the platform “DX by SME D Bank” (dx.smebank.co.th) that connects Support from more than 50 government agencies, the private sector, and various educational institutions in one point, including the opportunity to access special interest capital from SME D Bank.

Debt relief fair It will be held continuously for 4 months between May – August 2024, a total of 28 times nationwide. In the various branches of SME D Bank, the first time will be on 13-14 May 2024 at SME D Bank, Phetchaburi branch. Focusing on helping customers, SME entrepreneurs in the area of Phetchaburi province and nearby areas, aims throughout the project to Help solve debt problems for more than 10,000 SME entrepreneurs. You can join for free at various SME D Bank branches nationwide according to the schedule in the public relations poster. For more information, please contact Call Center 1357.





News announced on 08 May 2024

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