SME D Bank joins forces with the Ministry of Natural Resources to join the Startup Timber Wing for Global D-Day on Aug. 16, opening the final 10 teams to win nearly 200,000 baht.


SME D Bank in cooperation with the Rubber Innovation Research and Development Institute Prince of Songkla University Explanation of the success of the project “SME D Scaleup Rubber HACKATHON 2019 with the startup of the rubber to international wings” D-Day 16 Aug, open the results of the presentation from 10 final teams, receiving a prize of nearly 200,000 baht.

Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that the Bank has cooperated with Prince of Songkla University (MO) to organize the “SME D Scale up Rubber Hackathon to attach rubber wings to internationalization” to Promote and support new business concepts in rubber innovation products There are 22 teams of students from all educational institutions across the country applying for 15 projects and passing the first selection process to receive intensive training in seminars and workshops and creating original product ideas. Within 24 hours for the presentation of ideas to the selection committee to receive the initial capital of 10,000 baht for the production of real work Then come back to present again in the last 10 teams. There is an opening ceremony with training seminar between 8-9 June 19.




The last 10 teams that have presented their works (Pitching) on ​​August 16, 2019, compete for a prize fund of almost 200,000 baht. There are winners as follows.

1. Award winning shield and prize money worth 100,000 baht, including the I Love Rubber team, dairy cows work (works of Prince of Songkla University)

2. 1st runner-up prize, shield and prize money of 30,000 baht. The team hopes the work of artificial leather sheets from rubber. (Works of Prince of Songkla University)

3. 2nd runner up prize, shield and prize value of 10,000 baht. RISE Insulation team, cooling insulation works used in factories and homes. Low heat insulation (The work of Ries Chillers Company Limited)

4. Popular Vote 1, shield and prize money worth 10,000 baht, I Love Rubber team, dairy cows work (works of Prince of Songkla University)

And 5. 7 consolation prizes worth 5,000 baht each

This project consists of a curriculum to develop knowledge and create opportunities for the establishment of rubber innovation business for the participants. Elevate business concepts to intellectual property Ready to expand the commercial business Creating ideas and creating a network of rubber groups in the youth group. And has been coaching, advice directly from experienced experts Progress in dreams, pushing innovative rubber products into business.


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