SME D Bank joins hands with government agencies Pilot project study New day – go on

SME D Bank joins hands with government agencies Pilot project study ‘New day – go on’
Continue to help entrepreneurs Grant the right to suspend the principal payment for an additional 6 months.

SME D Bank joins forces with government agencies in cooperation with IAM-SAM to study the “New Day-Next” project to help customers affected by COVID-19 Business rehabilitation with relief criteria Ready to help continuously Grant the right to extend the principal payment period to customers with an additional 6 months of normal payment status to restore the business to normal.

Ms. Nart Naree Rattapat, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that from various economic factors, especially the coronavirus outbreak 2019 or COVID-19, affecting entrepreneurs S ME is a lot. Affect the debt servicing ability that tends to decline. The normal debt restructuring process of the financial institution system There are restrictions, legal measures are required, and are costly and time consuming. Not suitable for the current situation where SME operators are fragile. In addition, the Thai economy and the world have not yet returned to normal.


Therefore, SME D Bank has studied ways to integrate assistance between government agencies. With the company Asset management Islamic Bank of Thailand Limited (IAM) and Sukhumvit Asset Management Company Limited (SAM) to solve problems and find the best solution to help weak SME entrepreneurs because of the COVID-19 situation through the “New Day. – Continue to “bring to the process of rehabilitation of the two agencies said Which will be waived, rules and legal requirements Reduce the debt repayment. Turn around business again Including maintaining the bank’s financial status It helps to have liquidity to support financial policy driving.

After the rehabilitation process, SME D Bank coordinates with regulators and partners such as the Ministry of Finance Ministry of Industry The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) and the Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG), etc., carry out activities to increase potential, including leading to entrepreneurial development processes such as expanding online market, accounting standards, etc. Entrepreneurial level finally able to access funding Helping entrepreneurs return to a strong SME Join forces to continue to drive the Thai economy


“New Day – Go On” project is an integrated assistance to care for debtors who need rehabilitation. There was a preliminary agreement for both agencies to study the bank’s portfolio. In addition to the financial restructuring that Asset Management Company (AMC) will undertake. Moreover, by continually enhancing management knowledge for customers. And if able to return to the economy, SME D Bank welcomes customers to take care of the business continue to grow. ”

Miss Nartnaree Discusses the role of SME D Bank in helping SME entrepreneurs who have been affected by COVID-19 in the past. And non-financial measures By the financial side Implemented a six-month automatic suspension of principal and interest debt suspension measures for all customers, effective from April 2020, with approximately 43 billion bank customers eligible for automatic principal and interest suspension measures, totaling 66.6 billion. baht

For the non-financial side The bank has supported SME entrepreneurs with the concept of “add knowledge of equity” offline and online. Raise the level for the New Normal era, such as the self-study course on the website. wdev.smebank.co.th, more channels to sell products in the online marketplace With the Facebook Group “Leave SME D Bank Free Store” and push products to expand the market through famous online shopping platforms such as Shopee, LAZADA, Thailandpostmart.com, Alibaba, LINE, JD Central, etc., only in April 2020 at In the past, there were more than 2,800 enrollments to participate in the activity, while there are currently more than 2.3 thousand participants.


In addition, SME D Bank helps customers continuously. Support after the completion of the 6-month automatic repayment of principal and interest measures from October 22, 2020 onwards by granting the right to customers with normal payment status as of July 31, 2020 can extend the period of additional principal repayment period. The remaining interest can be paid for another 6 months for the accommodation debt paid. The bank will take the said amount. To combine, pay at the end of the contract And during this relief Not considered a loss of credit history

For customers who wish to suspend their principal repayment for an additional 6 months, they can register via scanning the QR Code on the invoice that the bank will send to. Which allows customers to register 24 hours a day or contact at any SME D Bank branch nationwide, as well as from the beginning of September 2020, SME D Bank visited customers To introduce guidelines to help extend the period of time for principal payment for an additional 6 months, which as of October 5, 2020, 66% of customers have been inquired of all eligibility. There are approximately 4.5 thousand additional principal payment suspension customers with a credit limit of 7.2 billion baht, which before the expiration of the measure on October 22, will definitely inquire about all eligible customers. Help customers maintain trade credit And prevent debt relegation

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