SME D Bank joins hands with HKTDC to attach Thai fashion wings to the world stage The most delighted foreigners praised the quality. Order immediately within the event through millions.


SME D BANK and HKTDC join hands with 10 new Thai fashion entrepreneurs to announce their upcoming HKTDC HK Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2019 event at the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The most delightful foreigners, praising the quality Thai products Indicates outstanding identity Instant trading value surpassed million baht And continuously at least 12 million baht, announced with support for capital, interest, being renewed, Thai fashion, pinning the world market

Mr. Phongchan Samphao Ngoen, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand. The new Thai SMEs With outstanding potential in the fashion and apparel business group Bags and jewelry, 10 items that have been selected for the Thai Designer to Global 2019 project, which is a project to upgrade the development of Thai entrepreneurs to the international level. Exhibiting at the Thai Designer to Global 2019 Pavilion in the “HKTDC HK Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2019”, which is a trade show for fashion and apparel products. Bags and jewelry Great World Class at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region





“The Bank realizes that Fashion Business Group Is very important Because almost all operators All of them are SME groups and are the type of products that Thai entrepreneurs already have high capability. If able to promote the expansion of foreign export markets Will benefit greatly Linked to many small entrepreneurs. Therefore, the bank has a process of developing entrepreneurs to upgrade and increase market channels for Thai entrepreneurs to internationalize. ”


However, the participation in the said event Products from Thai SMEs entrepreneurs Received high attention from international buyers Due to the strength and creativity Craftsmanship and unique identity, modern, as well as identifying Thai identity as well as important, international standard production With over 1,134 buyers from various countries visiting the Thai Designer to Global 2019 Pavilion, including VIP Buyer Guide Tour from 8 countries such as Vietnam, USA, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, China and Thailand. More than 100 buyers, 1,034 buyers and general audiences with 45 business negotiations, with an instant deal of more than 1 million baht The talks ended after the trading period of one year, no less than 12 million baht.


For fashion entrepreneurs who receive orders And need additional funds to circulate production Or expand business The Bank has provided special interest funds such as Local Economy Loan, special interest rates. Installment for up to 7 years. Individuals for the first 3 years, only 0.42% per month, year 4-7, interest rate MLR per year and if a juristic person The interest rate will be reduced by another 3 years, only 0.25% per month, year 4-7, MLR interest rate per year, etc.


Mr. Phongchan continued that apart from the value of trading and having more partners from business negotiations Entrepreneurs who have been given the opportunity to participate in this event Still have new experiences In the open market Learn customer needs And new fashion trends from around the world and also exchange experiences with other operators Which will be a guideline for product development Or the strategy for further international marketing


For 10 Thai fashion entrepreneurs Get a chance to attend “HKTDC HK Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2019” including

1. Boon Ariya Import and Export Co., Ltd. Leather Products Handicraft souvenirs, ZC acherie leather blends

2. Best Butter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Cap products that are conveniently stored in the ATIPA brand handbag

3. Niche Phi Co., Ltd. Luxury bridal set With a minimal but very simple style. NICHP brand

4. Business for sale, renting evening dresses, jewelry Sewing with quality craftsmen, brand ORAPIM

5. Smithet Jewelry Co., Ltd. brings the art of art Merged with science Becoming a new dimension in the jewelry brand PONK SMITHI

6. Pornthip Sportswear Co., Ltd. CAPThai, all types of hat manufacturers Especially UV protective caps, suitable for use

7. Majestine Nine Co., Ltd. The sportswear brand, spandex brand

8. Anurot Hand Paint LP. The clothing is characterized by hand-written patterns of Anuroj brand.

9. Small clothes with natural colors Comes with modern design, HOMRAK brand

And 10. Smith Garment Company Limited Bright colored clothes Wearable for all ages Always modern, SAA-MU brand


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