SME D Bank joins hands with Thai Post to launch a COD loan, Thai Post, direct response, satisfying online merchants, easy to borrow, get money quickly, pushing sales to the best

SME D Bank joins hands with Thai Post to launch ‘Thai Post COD Loan’
Answer directly to the liking of online merchants. Easy to borrow, get money quickly, push sales to the best.

SME D Bank joins hands with Thai Post to launch “COD Loan Thai Post” to meet online merchants’ needs, easy to borrow, receive instant money, helping to enhance liquidity, convenient business management boost sales growth explain the conditions no paperwork required no securities required or a guarantor

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that online commerce through cash on delivery (COD) is becoming very popular. because it helps customers to increase their confidence Make purchasing decisions easier. It also creates an opportunity for merchants to expand to find new customers who don’t like paying online.

Therefore, SME D Bank, together with the Thai Post Co., Ltd., launched “Loan for traders through Cash on Delivery (COD) Thai Post” or “COD Thai Post Loan” with a limit of 300 million baht to support SM entrepreneurs. SMEs that have online stores receive funds to enhance liquidity. Able to manage business through COD system appropriately, which will increase sales. grow income

Pros: Open for borrowing for both individuals and juristic persons Maximum loan amount of 300,000 baht per person, interest on the loan with a reduction in interest. Charge a low interest rate starting at 1.05% per month only. Importantly, easy to borrow and get paid quickly. Just apply easily through Wallet@POST and have sales via COD Thailand Post without documents. no securities required or a guarantor Accepting loan applications from today until 30 June ’66 or until the full amount is reached. Plus a special promotion! The first 300 people who are approved for the loan will receive a free Gift Voucher LOTUS’s valued 300 baht.

In addition, SME D Bank also offers “development” services through the “SME D Coach” project by professional coaches giving free business consultations. especially in modern marketing Help SMEs entrepreneurs, online sellers Able to plan online marketing to reach consumers directly

SMEs who are interested in using the service “COD Thai Post Loan” and development work from SME D Bank can request online, such as the website https://www.smebank.co.th/, LINE Official Account. : SME Development Bank, etc. For more information, please contact Call Center 1357.

Dr. Danan Suphatthaphan, President of Thailand Post Co., Ltd., said that Thailand Post is a national transport agency that provides a wide range of services to all groups of customers. In particular, e-commerce business operators who primarily use transportation services and conduct financial transactions via the Wallet@POST application, which mainly use Cash on Delivery (COD) and this group of merchants. It is a group that needs working capital to do business. But applying for a loan is difficult because there may be evidence showing incomplete financial status according to the loan approval conditions.

Therefore, in order to support the business of small entrepreneurs Therefore, Thailand Post has cooperated with many banks and financial institutions. It is a channel for entrepreneurs to access funding sources. with credibility Have a verifiable source Including the process of applying for a loan that is convenient and fast, this time, we have teamed up with SME D Bank to provide “Thai Post COD Loan”, especially for those who have a continuous use of COD services. These come as criteria for analysis of credit granting. It is the ultimate convenience for COD users of Thailand Post.

In this regard, the COD service has been growing steadily every year. In 2022, the total quantity of COD products has grown by more than 25% and it is expected that by the end of this year, it will increase even more during the New Year festival with the volume of gifts sent to them. together a lot

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