SME D Bank joins the Thai SME Confederation Full support for Thai entrepreneurs

SME D Bank joins the Thai SME Confederation Full support for Thai entrepreneurs
Organize special activities to increase knowledge Take the match and send it to the source of capital, starting from 14-15 March.

SME D Bank joins hands with the Thai SME Confederation to organize “activities to promote and develop SMEs entrepreneurs to access capital sources” comprehensive support from knowledge Teach hands-on practice Importantly, bring matching to the source of capital. Helping to strengthen businesses through COVID-19 Revealed via online system, divided into 2 models, starting from 14-15 March 2022, open for free applications

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank revealed that from the Covid-19 situation Consequently, it affects the business operations of SME entrepreneurs. reduce sales affect working capital Liquidity is insufficient, so SME D Bank, Bank for Thai SMEs, joins with “Thai SME Confederation” led by Mr. Saengchai Teerakulvanich, president of the Thai SME Confederation to organize ” Activities to promote and develop SMEs entrepreneurs to access the source of funds” Support for bank customers Entrepreneurs who are members of the Thai SME Federation and SME entrepreneurs across the country Enter the process of supporting “financial” and “development” by participating in knowledge training and hands-on practice. Ready to match access to funding sources through SME D Bank’s loans, helping to increase the potential for entrepreneurs to continue their business

In this regard, the aforementioned activities were held in 2 models, 150 participants at a time through the Zoom Meetings system from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Divided into the 1st edition, held between 14-15 March 2022 and matched into funding sources on the 22nd. March 2022 and the 2nd edition will be held between May 12-13, 2022 and matched into funding sources on May 24, 2022. Those interested in applying for the event The qualifications are open to either natural persons or legal entities. including entrepreneurs who are starting a business

Participants will meet experts from SME D Bank and the Federation of Thai SMEs. Come and share the knowledge in various fields, every step of the way in detail. To provide entrepreneurs with knowledge and understanding, such as access to funding sources Business strategies that are consistent and appropriate to current conditions to increase sales make money grow With online, there are 4 workshop activities, namely 1. Business concepts and theories. 2. New marketing for SMEs 3. Simple accounting and tax and 4. Bank loan documents Helps to access funding sources and prepare for sustainable business operations

“This cooperation To help SME entrepreneurs Fill in the lack of knowledge or increase the opportunity to enter the source of funds. Turning theory into practice Create a Business Assessment to be aware of various problems and obstacles, leading to direct and quick solutions There will be training courses on business concepts and theory. Preparation for Entrepreneurship and Canvas Model, a new era of marketing for SMEs, easy accounting and tax Including making documents for loan applications with SME D Bank and when the training is completed, there will be matching into the source of funding. between entrepreneurs and banks, face to face (one on one) is beneficial to SMEs in accessing funding sources,” said Ms. Nartnaree.

In this regard, SME D Bank has loan products covering all Thai SME groups to provide services such as SMEs D Plus loans, open for refinancing from existing financial institutions. Reduces financial costs Support investment, expansion, business improvement and a working capital Interest rates starting at 4.5% per annum, grace period up to 18 months, installments up to 10 years, SMEs D loans for investment to invest, expand, improve business, and change business Interest rates starting at 5.5% per annum, grace period up to 18 months, installments up to 10 years, SMEs D loans to enhance liquidity for working capital enhance liquidity Interest rates starting at 6% per annum and SMEs Re-Start loans for tourism businesses and related (Supply Chain) to enhance liquidity, invest, expand, improve business or reserve for expenses Interest rates starting at 5.5% per annum, loan amount up to 5 million baht, installments up to 10 years, no repayment of principal. up to 24 months, etc.

SME entrepreneurs interested in attending the training You can apply for the 1st edition from today until March 13, 2022 via https://forms.gle/wV1dMETJaJ1C3QKk9 or scan the QR Code in the public relations poster for free. Limited to 150 people only. For more information, please contact Business Development and Support Department Tel. 02-265-3331 or Call Center 1357

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