SME D Bank joins with TCG to match up to borrow and support “SMEs Re-Start Loan” 2,000 million baht, adding capital to enhance liquidity for SMEs tourism

SME D Bank joins forces with TCG to match up to provide loans with support for “SMEs Re-Start Loan” 2,000 million baht to add capital to enhance liquidity for SMEs tourism Open a hotline #TCG F.A. Center for free consultations

SME D Bank-TCG joins hands with cooperation, matching, lending, ready to support “SMEs Re-Start Loan” with a limit of 2,000 million baht, speeding up capital to increase liquidity for SMEs entrepreneurs in tourism business and supply chain, ready to open a hotline TCG F.A. Center free consultation

Ms. Nartnaree Rattaphat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank Mr. Sittikorn Direksunthorn, Director and General Manager Small Industrial Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) joins hands with cooperation, matching, borrowing and guaranteeing SMEs Re-Start loans, amounting to 2,000 million baht of SME D Bank, together with the PGS9 Loan Guarantee Program: Good for Sure / Single Account and Micro 4 Projects small capital To fill capital for SME entrepreneurs in tourism business groups such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies Souvenir shops, etc. and related (Supply Chain), including all types of SMEs that are partners with tourism business groups.

Under the aforementioned cooperation project, TCG and SME D Bank are confident that they will help tour operators and related access to funds to enhance liquidity, invest, expand, improve business or reserve as working capital with an interest rate starting at 5.5% per year, with a maximum loan amount of 5 million baht per person Repayment period up to 10 years, principal payment up to 2 years, plus loan guarantee fee waiver for 2 years, guarantee period up to 10 years.

SME D Bank and TCG ready to facilitate tour operators and related can request a free consultation TCG – SME D Bank Collaboration Project SMEs Re-Start Credit Guarantee via Call CENTER 1357 and SMEs Financial Advisory Center Hotline or TCG F.A. Center 02 -890 -9999

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