SME D Bank kick-off opens the “Advanced CMF” course to raise the level of franchise business development Continue to create opportunities to access capital sources.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank is the chairman of the opening course “Advanced CMF” from the cooperation between SME D Bank and PMG Academy under PMG Corporation Company Limited to fill the potential. And create opportunities for SMEs entrepreneurs who already have a franchise system Has continued to expand the business to grow to the next level Passed intensive training for 5 full days by a team of speakers who specialize in franchises. come to provide knowledge such as business strategy Analyze the good and bad points of businesses and products. Most importantly, participants will learn to write a business plan. Prepare to access funding from SME D Bank, maximum loan amount of 50 million baht, special interest rate. Installments for up to 15 years can be used to invest, expand or improve the business, with Ms. Narintip Wiriya Bunditkul, Director of PMG Academy and a team of speakers Participated in the opening ceremony at Co Working Space, 1st floor, SME Bank Tower on August 11, 2023.

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