SME D Bank launches a campaign to help SMEs reduce business burden, winged with technology Revealing the results of the survey, confidence in Q2 is improving, pointing to the future trend, worried about shrinking revenues. additional labor costs

SME D Bank joins hands with Sasin, revealing the survey results of the SMEs Confidence Index for the 2nd quarter of 2023, a slight increase. By virtue of the Songkran Festival, tourism is bustling, while the trend for the next 3 months has declined from concerns about customers spending less and entering the low season, revealing the latest wage adjustments. Most were moderately affected. Stated that he wanted the government to have measures to help reduce the burden of expenses on the side of SME D Bank, announced that it was ready to help. Bringing access to digital technology to upgrade the business, push campaigns, add capital, have Cash Back, reduce the burden of doing business.

Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank reveals that “Research and Information Center, SME Development Bank” together with “Research and Consulting Center” Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University organized Conducting the “SMEs Confidence Survey on the Economy and Business Quarter 2/2023 and Forecasting the Future” from a survey of more than 500 SMEs entrepreneurs across the country. Covering all types of industries, it was found that the economy and business confidence index of SMEs in the 2nd quarter of 2023 was at 65.90, slightly increased compared to the previous quarter (1/2023), which was at 65.09 from the active spending factor. during the past Songkran festival The number of tourists continues to increase, and there are expectations for policies to stimulate the economy after the election.

As for the trend of confidence in the next 3 months, SMEs have confidence in the economy and business at 65.61, down from 66.76 three months ago due to factors entering the rainy season, which is the low season of tourism. There is a tendency for customers to shop less.

In addition, for policy benefits that are consistent with the current situation, SME D Bank has studied the impact of the minimum wage increase in October 2022. It was found that 39.80 percent of SMEs paid wages higher than the minimum wage threshold announced. in October 2022, mainly medium-sized entrepreneurs, the remaining 60.20 percent need to increase wages. Most of them were Micro size 63.12% and Small size 72.27%. Medium size only 5% had to be adjusted, while SMEs in the Northeastern region. have the highest proportion of wages to be increased Accounting for 81.11 percent, when asked about the impact that would be received, 85.31 percent stated that it had been negatively affected. Most of them, 52.98 percent, were moderately affected, while 9.93 percent were largely affected. On the other hand, some SMEs saw the advantages of the minimum wage increase.

However, SMEs have guidelines for adapting to accept the minimum wage increase, with 97.35 percent reducing costs in other areas, 70.86 percent raising the price of goods and services, and 21.85 percent replacing low-wage foreign workers. Where government assistance is required, namely tax reductions and other replacement fees, the highest rate is 93.38 percent, followed by additional economic stimulus measures at 76.82 percent to help offset the impact that will occur.

Regarding the survey results of what SMEs want to receive government support in 2023, in terms of marketing, the majority of micro-sized groups, 74.78 percent, want measures to stimulate domestic shopping. While most of the Small group, 61.86 percent, needed experts to give advice and most of the Medium group, 63.33 percent, wanted to support access to government procurement. In terms of technology, most of the micro-sized group, 84.96 percent, would like co-payment support to help reduce the cost of technology investments, while most of the small and medium-sized groups, 67.44 percent and 58.33 percent, would like Supporting learning and developing digital technology innovation skills for entrepreneurs And in terms of cost management, most SMEs of all groups, 91.22 percent, wanted the government to reduce, fix, subsidize energy costs, and 52.50 percent wanted to support the installation of alternative energy to reduce energy costs.

Ms. Nartnaree concluded that from the survey results, the current confidence has slightly increased. And future expectations have declined, reflecting that SMEs are still concerned about the situation in business operations due to the uncertain factors surrounding them. And the factors determining the confidence of SMEs are all short-term factors, resulting in SMEs lacking confidence in investing in business expansion, with SMEs still worried about the expected increase in business costs in the future. from energy And raising the minimum wage, therefore, SMEs need government measures to help reduce business costs. or support in accessing or using technology to help increase efficiency in business

SME D Bank has prepared guidelines for financial assistance along with development. in order to meet the needs of SMEs as completely as possible by the financial side There are credit products such as “BCG Loan” for upgrading, modifying machinery or investing in alternative energy technologies to help reduce costs, credit lines of up to 50 million baht, installments for up to 15 years, as well as for new customers. will have the right to reduce the cost burden If applying for a loan and using a credit line of 1 million baht to 50 million baht from today until the end of September 2023, you will receive a cash back for the appraisal of collateral with a maximum value of 30,000 baht per person. Supported through the implementation of the SME D Coach project, with various digital tools to help enhance business potential, such as the Business Health Check tool, helping SMEs better understand the potential and competitiveness of businesses. able to manage business Controlling production costs appropriately Helps to reduce business costs, as well as providing business advice and advice by professional coaches. without any cost

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