SME D Bank launches loan innovation “SME has capital, peace of mind” to reward good existing customers. No collateral required Helps manage business smoothly Relieve worries about rising interest rates


SME D Bank launches a new loan product “SME has capital, peace of mind” to reward 3,000 selected good existing customers for working capital. Enhance liquidity Helps manage business smoothly and can control interest rates during the uptrend Promoted as an innovation in lending, easy to borrow, no complicated documents required. fixed interest Starting from the first year at just 5.99% per annum.  No collateral required. Plus free TCG fees for 3 years.


Miss Narthanaree Rattapat, Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank  revealed that from the economic recovery trend. SME entrepreneurs have a need for capital. Used to circulate to enhance liquidity. or reserve for various expenses Get the opportunity to move your business forward to its full potential. But with the direction of interest rates increasing As a result, management and control of business costs are quite difficult. Therefore, in order to reward important existing customers of SME D Bank, they will be relieved of their worries from the direction of interest rates going up. and can plan and manage their business well. SME D Bank releases the loan product “SME has capital, peace of mind.” The highlight is an innovation in lending that is easy to borrow. No complicated paperwork required Low interest rate, fixed for 3 years, with the first year only 5.99% per year   Gives a loan period of up to 10 years, no collateral required. Plus free TCG fees for 3 years. Loan amount starting from 5 hundred thousand baht to a maximum of 5 million baht, including the original loan amount not exceeding 15 million baht.  Project period from today until 16 October 2023.  In this regard, special privileges are given for Excellent existing customers of SME D Bank, juristic person group Only 3,000 have been selected.  Customers who meet the criteria will be contacted To offer services directly from SME D Bank officials

In addition, for all existing and new customers who want to access capital. To be used in SME businesses, D Bank is ready to provide services through various loan products. Covers all business groups Loan amount up to 50 million baht, along with free development services for all programs through the “SME D Coach” project. Contact and request at SME D Bank branches nationwide or online channels such as the website www.smebank.co.th, LINE. Official Account : SME Development Bank, etc. For more information, please contact Call Center 1357.

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