SME D Bank launches ‘SME Refinance’ loan to help SMEs reduce costs. Lighten up in installments. Special conditions The interest rate is fixed for the first year at 2.99% plus 60,000 baht in cash back.

SME D Bank goes all out, issuing a new loan “SME Refinance” worth 5,000 million baht to help SME entrepreneurs. Reduce financial costs Lighten up in installments. No more worries about rising interest rates. Continuously move forward with business Explain special conditions Fixed interest, first year only 2.99% per year, loan amount 5 – 50 million baht, installments up to 15 years, no principal payment for 12 months, plus a special promotion “Cash Back” worth up to 60,000 baht.

Miss Narthanaree Rattapat, Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank revealed that from the fluctuating economic and social situation, including the upward trend in interest rates. Affecting the business operating costs of SME entrepreneurs to increase. Therefore, SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs Realize the burden of financial costs incurred. Therefore, a new loan product “SME Refinance” has been launched with a total credit limit of 5,000 million baht to help SME entrepreneurs. Able to move forward with business with a reduced financial burden Helps plan business management in advance. Increase business flexibility appropriately And seize the opportunity for the business to grow to its full potential and be a mechanism to help drive the Thai economy to grow in the final stretch at the end of 2023.

The highlight of the “SME Refinance” loan is the low interest rate and fixed rate. When you refinance You can request additional loans. both to invest, expand, and improve the business or change the business model or as working capital to enhance liquidity The interest rate for the first year is fixed at 2.99% per year and for the first 3 years the average is 3.50% per year. Loan amount starts from 5 to a maximum of 50 million baht, installments for up to 15 years, plus no principal repayment up to 12 months.   Open for applications. Loan from today until 30 December 2023.

It also organizes special promotions. For entrepreneurs who have never used a loan from SME D Bank before, when applying for a loan and withdrawing a credit line from 1-50 million baht by the end of November 2023, they will receive “Cash Back” worth up to 60,000 baht, including 1. Securities appraisal fees. Guarantee with a maximum value of 30,000 baht per person and  2. Mortgage cost for collateral with a maximum value of 30,000 baht per person.

In addition, SME D Bank also has a free “Development” program!  Help strengthen SME entrepreneurs. Upgrade and increase business potential Able to adapt to the situation through the “SME D Coach” project by professional coaches. Business consulting and guidance services from the public and private sectors, along with receiving the right to participate in various development activities such as training, seminars, business matching, etc.

SME entrepreneurs who are interested in receiving loan services and development work Requests can be made through channels such as the website www.smebank.co.th, LINE Official Account : SME Development Bank, etc., including SME D Bank branches nationwide, or ask for more information at Call Center 1357.

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